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First information about LG W3000, middle level GSM phone from LG.

A new model from LG was announced in line-up of mobile phones its LG W3000. It would be launched on the European market at first autumn days The phone has small dimensions (102х40х18 mm) and weight(87 g).

LG W3000 addressed to young customers, phone has interchangeable covers( today only in three additional colours, later LG extends this line to 7 colours). Covers are semitransparent and have a good backlighting(blue, similar to display). Keys are too small, it's not easy to push them. We sincerely hope that in commercial version of LG W3000 this little problem would be eliminated. Interesting that the phone has an additional speakerphone for a ringer, also it's used for a loudspeaker function. By the way, all melodies are polyphonic(40 tone). It's the first phone of the middle class with 40 tone polyphonic ringer. The set of melodies is large, you can choose a ringing tone by your choice, the sound volume is good. Later company plans to launch wap service which let users to download new melodies to phone.

Another features are common: wap browser, calculator, units converter, games, alarm, call logs and so on. W3000 has Li-Ion battery which by manufacture statement works up to 250 hours in the standby mode and up to 4 hours in the talk mode. In reality the phone works about 3 days.

The price for this model should be around 215-230 USD. It seems to me that it would be a popular phone among the models of the same class because of the polyphonic ringer and a loudspeaker function. Besides portable handsfree is included in a standard set.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 15 August 2002


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