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First impressions from Nokia 3510i

Nokia announced Nokia 3510i rather long time ago. This model is a next version of Nokia 3510. Soon the phone will be launched on the market. Here we would like to pay attention only on the main differences of these two models. In the next article we tell everything about features of 3510i.

Phones are outwardly similar. 3510i is produced in different colours but the dimensions are the same (118 x 49.6 x 17.1 mm). Interchangeable covers of 3510 are compatible with 3510i, what increased a range of available covers. Weight of the phone is almost the same, 3510i is only 1g heavier (106g). Similar weight and dimensions prove that both phones are based on the same platform. They have one kind of battery. Two types of batteries could be included in a kit: either lithium-ion battery of 950 mAh capacity (BLC-2) or BLC-1. BLC-2 is more frequently used, it provides a longer autonomy.

The first and the major alteration is a colour screen. It is different from Nokia 7210/6610, though it also shows 4096 colours, it has the resolution of 96х65 pixels. Up to 4 text lines (16 characters each) and tips to the soft-keys use could be displayed on the screen. Old, but colour menu icons are used here as the screen has a different resolution from the elder models. Gallery is also made in colours, but images are adjusted to the resolution and the pictures are not so accurate as in Nokia 7210, for instance. All the information is quite visible in sunny day. As colour screen is not power-saving, engineers added a screensaver - usual digital clock. According to all description 3510 and 3510i have the same autonomy, but it is not so in practice. The phone worked 8-10 hours less in the standby mode. Phone's autonomy was about 3.5. days in case of 40 minutes of talking and 30 minutes usage of other applications. The time is comparable to the other phones of this class, it is quite acceptable.

Capabilities of 3510 are absolutely the same as of 3510 except Java support. Among the applications Portofolio is pre-installed in Nokia 3510i, which can help you to make notes of your investments. It's very simple. Two Java games will substitute games of 3510. It's not known yet which games would be in a commercial version.

Such feature as Wallet is also appeared in the phone. It was rather unexpectedly to see it here because it is a feature of more advanced models. Unlike Nokia 3510, 3510i supports not only sending but receiving of MMS messages. This function doesn't work correctly now, but all mistakes should be eliminated in commercial product. We didn't notice any other problems connected with this phone. A colour screen doesn't influence the phone work, for example, a menu navigation works well, without delays.

If Nokia would be able to make the price about 250-300 USD, this phone would be a real rival to SonyEricsson T300. No doubts that 3510i is more advanced than Panasonic GD67. We think that launching of Nokia 3510i would cause cutting of the prices of such models as Nokia 3410 and Nokia 3510. We'll publish a full review of Nokia 3510i during the month as soon as we get a commercial sample of this handset.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 13 November 2002


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