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Nokia 7600 new phone for gilded youth

Nokia is one of the last companies which didnt have troubles concerning leaks of information. During the last months the situation has been changed, Even the fact that employees of the company do not know what they are working at cant help. Before Octobers launching review of Nokia 6850 (it has another index in reality), photos and specification of revised Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660, appeared in the Net

Now we can witnesses of the other leak of information (thanks to, concerning Nokia 7600. Its official announcement will be only in the end of October. The phone is aimed to youth market. Expected beginning of shipments is the end of the year. So, the phone will be available in the shops in the end of January. An expected price is 350 Euro.

The phone measures 87 x 78 x 18,6 and weighs 123 g., volume 103 cc. It is equipped with BL-5C battery, i.e. lithium-ion battery of 850 mAh capacity. It provides up to 3-4 hours in the talking mode and up to 7-12 days in the standby mode. The phone supports WCDMA. It is a smartphone of 3G networks. Operating time in WCDMA mode is 1.8-2.9 hours.

The screen has a resolution of 128x160 pixels. It is TFT-65K display. Functions of this smartphone are similar to the features of the other handsets of this class. It supports bluetooth, wap 2.0. Also it is indicated that the new device supports Java (MIDP 1.0). So, the phone is a typical representative of this class and resembles Nokia 6650. Quality of the camera and its resolution were not changed.

Keys spacing is similar to Siemens SX1, its not very convenient. Nokia decided to make a fashion phone and not considered this phone to be a mass product. This device should just attract attention to Nokia to increase its brand awareness.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 24 September 2003


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