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First impressions of Nokia 6810

Nokia 6800 - the second attempt of Nokia to present a device, which can join several functions. Earlier, the company launched Nokia 5510 - something like a musical combiner with radio and downloadable files player. For the first time Nokia equipped the phone with Qwerty keypad, which was optimal to use by two thumbs. The model wasn't popular because of large dimensions and high price. Today's try is also rather controversial. A first sight it wouldn't be very successful. Look, new phone is almost similar to Nokia 6610/7210 by its features. The main difference is additional 4Mb, which can be used to keep applications, data, messages and other information. It was logical to add e-mail client, but we didn't find it in specifications. The model could've become a common phone, based on 40 platform and equipped with a full keypad. Later, Nokia unveiled Nokia 6800 aimed to USA market (it has other bands). The company announced integrated e-mail client (POP3/SMTP) and e-mail format from RIM BlackBerry support. E-mail client is really necessary to this model, it stands out it from the phones of other manufacturers. But Nokia never named equally phones, which have different features. Most likely it would be so again. Under the battery we found its name - Nokia 6810. It seems that it would be a name of the European model.

Many think that the phone is very large, opened keyboard is large and convinient. In reality the phone dimensions (119 x 55 x 23 mm) are comparable to Nokia 3510, but the new model is a little bit wider. The phone weighs not much (122g.), may be it's not very comfortable to wear it in the pocket but it's possible to do it. You can also wear it in the case of Nokia 6310.

If you look at the bottom side of the phone you can find a standard Pop-port connector. Contact plates are placed on the top-side of the phone, they provide keyboard work when they are opened.

To open the phone you should take a cover under the display and push it. Of course, you should make a slightly effort to do it, the phone has no backlash. The second part of the keypad should've fixed until a click, there is no backlash between two parts of the phone. Only a rear cover, which hides the battery has a small backlash. The phone has a lithium-ion battery of 950 mAh capacity (BLC-2).

When you open the phone, a picture is rotated at the angle of 90 degrees. After that, you can use a phone keyboard. It's interesting, that 6810 has a 4-directional joystick, but only two directions are always used (vertical and horizontal). It's a shortcoming, that it's impossible to press the joystick, you should use soft-keys instead. As we've mentioned above the keyboard is handy in contrast to functional keys, which are too deeply placed in the phone. It's not convenient to dial a phone number with a help of them. It's doubtful that this construction could change in the future because of the phone thickness.

Nokia 6810 has the same display and menu as Nokia 7210. Even an attentive reader won't be able to find any differences in the menu interface except pre-installed pictures. Some new applications, for example Wallet, are added here. Unfortunately, our sample doesn't have e-mail client, probably, it will appear later, when the phone will be launched on the market. Thus, it would be in the middle of February, an expected phone price would be about 450-500 Euro. Now we can say that it will be either a successful phone if it has e-mail client or not very interesting if this application isn't added. You see, that it is rather expensive model, which is aimed to those who often uses e-mail, even while traveling. At the same time such consumers should prefer only one device, which will be cheaper than, for example, communicator. So we can assume that Nokia 6810 will find its consumers but, nevertheless, it will be used only for niche. We think that Nokia 6810 will have lower level of sale than Nokia 6100, which will be launched simultaneously.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 18 November 2002


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