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Preview Samsung S300

Samsung renews its phone line very quickly, in the next year all phones from Samsung, even the cheapest ones (150$) would be equipped by the colour screen. It's more interesting that more than one and a half of all folder type models with two screens will have only colour displays. The first prototype of such model will be Samsung S300, the external display of which is made with a help of STN technology and displays up to 256 colours. The advantages of colour display are not obvious in the standby mode. You see a colour background and that's all. But the advantages become apparent when you receive an incoming call or message or when a reminder is turned on. Colour icons and messages appear on the external display and it is really very attractive.

The features of the phone are comparable to those in Samsung A800, the only exception is that the internal display is also coloured and shows up to 65000 colours (TFT). The phone also supports 40-tones polyphony. The dimensions of this handset are similar to Samsung A800. In spite of the analogues body, the battery of A800 is not compatible with S300. S300 has a lithium-ion battery of 800 mAh capacity. The phone can work several days in case of 7-10 minutes of talking per day, it's not bad result for such kind of phone. I repeat once again that the functions of this phone are the same as the functions of Samsung A800, for more details see this review. It is expected that S300 would be launched in March 2003 and the price would be about 350-400$.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 21 October 2002


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