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Preview Samsung SGH-T400.

Samsung is developing brand-new phone without any sensation around. It's normal practice for company but this case is rather unusual because this phone is planed to launch on the market within the near months, presumably in October.In Europe it would be selling only in the major cities at first. A Price for T400 should be around 550 Euro.

This model is similar by its characteristics to SGH-T100 The last one is extremely popular in Europe because it's first folder type phone with colour screen(4096 colours, TFT) and 16 instrumental polyphonic melody ringer. In T400 Samsung engineers changed ringer from 16 instrumental to 40, and installed another TFT display with representation of 65000 colours. Screen is brilliant, colourfull and bright. The loudness of ringer doesn't change in comparison with T100, but melody sounds are more natural and warm.

We don't know which type of battery is used in this model. But it would be appropriate to consider that it is Li-Ion. Phone works abount 3 days in case 20-25 minutes of talking per day.

By the way, vibrocall is not ordinary in T400. When your have incoming call, vibro works on both parts of the phone, not only near the battery. It's the first phone with such realization of vibro.

You have many screen themes with animation and have possibilities to download extra themes from CD.

Also your could choose a menu appearance between Traditional(old style like in T100) and Cute(funny pictures).

A phonebook has 1000 records capacity and is similar by the appearance to T100.

An organizer is not complicated but powerful.

For the first time we could see such functions as currency and measure unit converter in Samsung mobile phones.

Two new games were developed for this phone: Honey Collector and MegaRacing. That's all information about this phone for today.

In two days your could read on our site first in the net review SonyEricsson T300.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 6 August 2002


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