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Sony Ericsson T620 – first photos and first information

We received secondhand information that this model has all features of T610, including bluetooth. The first and the main difference from T610 are lesser dimensions - 92õ44õ20mm instead of 102õ44õ19. Height was reduced due to the way of keys spacing, they are located very close to each other.

The TFD screen of the new model is almost similar to Sony Ericsson Z600. The display measures 32õ40 mm, including external edge of the protective screen. The information on this type of screens is more visible under the sun than on STN-displays. But according to our intelligencer, who tried this phone, there are no considerable differences of the screens of two models. The picture is vivid inside, but it is not clear in sunny day.

Design of the phone, which was so actively discussed, can be easily explained. Just combination of plastic and metallic parts prettifies the model and lightens it. By the way, Sony Ericsson is not the first company, which paid attention to such combination of materials, for example, the same idea is used in Philips 530. It is difficult to say whether consumers like it, because in reality the phone doesn’t look like the handset related to its class. It is presumed that several color solutions would be available on the market, only color of plastic would be different.

The phone is equipped with lithium-polymer battery (BST-25) of 750 mAh capacity. T610 has the same battery. A large mirror is placed on the back cover of the phone which allows to take pictures of yourself. Flashes are absent in the phone. The camera integrated in the phone is the same as in T610.

T620 has only several differences in design compared to T610. It is based on the same platform. Ther would be several changes in software, for example new themes, pictures and melodies. Unfortunately today R1A version has the same memory pool as T610. We hope that possibly commercial product would have increased memory (about 4 Mb), though it’s only a dream.

According to our data the phone would be unveiled in October on the exhibition in Geneva. Shipments would begin only after 48-40 week, i.e. in the end of November – beginning of December. An expected price is about 320-240 USD.

Today the company prepares a new phone, which would be announced in the end of February. The main features are the platform of T610, T620, the other kind of camera (VGS, a possibility to record video clips), TFD-screen, large memory volume compared to T610. There is no so much information about it, but studying the classification we can assume that this model would be marked as T620. On the other side, not long time ago the company renamed T220 (officially it was not announced but developed as T620) to T230. So, possibly the phone which is known now as T620, will be T630 in reality.

It is logical, because in the end of the year we could see a new middle class model – Sony Ericson T330. Until the end of the year the company would unveil several models of the new middle class price segment. They would be available on the market only in spring 2004.

Back to T620. It is only a re-design of T610 aimed to the youth market. One of the evidences are names of different features, indicated the handset’s advanced functionality on the sides of the phone. They are absent in business or fashion models.

In the beginning of sales the price for this phone would be about 300 USD, in summer it would be reduced to 200 USD or even lower. Probably it would be one of the first advanced models of new generation of new generation in this price group.

Attention! This article just combines all rumours about T620. The information is not officially confirmed by the manufacturer. So, mobile-review is not responsible for its reliability. You can trust it or not, it’s up to you. But we think that all facts mentioned here are very close to reality.

You can know about all functions of this model reading the review of Sony Ericsson T610>>

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Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 25 August 2003


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