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First impression of Siemens C55.

Siemens C55 will be launched in autumn. This model is based on the other platform against to the previous handsets, Siemens C45 for instance. Hence, the system connector and accessories differ from other models. But it doesn't matter, new accessories will be launched at the same time with C55. You can see a handsfree and a data cable (a cable with USB-port also exist) on the photo below.

Lithium ion battery provides about 3-4 days of the phone work in case of 10-15 minutes of talking. The key-pad is made of plastic, lower keys are placed too closely to each other and it's uncomfortable to press them. A navigation key is well done, it's easy to move through the menu with a help of it.

Phone dimensions and weight are reduced in comparison with C45 but the phone still stayed very handy.

Next time I will write about the features of Siemens C55. Now I'd like to finish the review of SonyEricsson P800 and publish it as soon as possible.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 26 August 2002


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