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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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iSoft #37

Time for a vacation and time for games.not for everyone, though. Im writing these words on May, 12 at 23:14. My wife is packing our stuff as we are leaving in the morning. Im responsible for a technical part of our trip, so Im busy with collecting various chargers, downloading films onto the hard drive, searching for games, books and interesting music for iPhone. I dont think any apps for work will be needed. I had enough. Its time for rest. I need to find something that will let me play for a long while during the rare minutes of rest. And here I have something to say. I dont think about taking iPad with me. I dont want to take as it is not the most important thing. I have a laptop and iPad.iPad will wait for me to come back.


I believe that most of the good old iPhone users perfectly know this inexpensive, but really addictive game. Nevertheless I decided to remind you about it may be you have just bought the device and are looking for some interesting games. Lets play good old times, when the castles were large, knights heavy and catapult stones very unpleasant.

The game is simple. You have your own castle and so does your enemy. You are armed with a large crossbow. From the enemy castle hostile archers, knights and horsemen are approaching you, the hot air balloons are flying, the enemy catapults are getting closer. You pull the bow and shoot an arrow. Novices can use the simple mode and just tap their finger on the target. But youd better aim yourself as if doing so you will receive more money for victory. Youll need it to modify your weaponry. With time you will be able to shoot arrows striking several enemies at once, piercing arrows, fire arrows, stones, bombs and healing arrows. Finally, youll be able to buy barracks where you will teach your own knights, archers, horsemen or catapults to fight. Everything looks simple, but with time you will realize that there are no such thing as too much gold. You may spend it all on arrow enhancement. Alternatively you can increase the number of battle units. There is one tiny thing worth mentioning: should the enemy creep to your castle, steal the flag and take it to his base the game is lost. You also shouldnt forget about flying stones thrown by enemy catapults, arrows shoot by the archers and from the balloons in the sky. Your castle can be destroyed; in this case the game is also lost. If you failed to shoot healing-and-repairing arrow on time, you are done. Missed the knight with a flag - get ready to start the level once again.

The worst thing is that the game has too few levels. You just managed to develop your capabilities and to aim, just began to enjoy it - and the game is over, good buy. You can play it again, changing the tactics. I, for instance, got rid of the infantry and used only horsemen. They are really good at stealing enemys flags. Dont forget to shoot arrows at enemy castle as often as possible. For each hit you are given a gold coin. I failed to destroy the castle, but I earned a lot of money.

Good graphics, interesting process, speed, addicting action, choice of strategy - you can play two or three times without being bored. The price will also make you happy.

Guerilla Bob

It is not just a game, but a real long time blockbuster. For $0.99 you get a game worth much more, I would have downloaded it even if it would cost $5. Quality graphics. Good controls. Interesting gaming process. Even if it is nothing more than just running around, shooting and collecting bonuses. Super Mario with a huge gun, wearing a beret, nasty - whether you play in arcade mode, in a mercenary or a survival mode, doesnt matter. You should kill everyone and save your ass. I so far saw only one "boss", the very first one. Imagine a muscular dude in a huge excavator (you can see him in the free version). He goes after you, growls, spits and tries to pin you down with an excavator bucket. Do not let him do it! Stay healthy and continue the race.

In addition, Bobs team (Bob, cigar and beret) is fighting against Pistoleto with pistols, Bombero with bombs, machine guns and other scary evil. Would you like to clean the pipes in the head? Turn on arcade mode - and go ahead, search for impressions, without fear that the cigar will go out (it is indicator of health).

How much fun for just one dollar! On PSP a game like this could easily cost $50 and it would have been quite normal. But no, just for a dollar you have this game for iPhone. I strongly recommend it.

Doodle Jump

A game is about a green man with a tube-like nose and blaster. He needs to climb as high as possible, jump and jump, shoot alien monsters, try to get on sturdy platforms and find springs, rocket packs and blades with the motor to get to the very top. The images are drawn in a kids style, but playing is really fun, does not boring for a long time. The main thing is speed; you do not sit and suffer terribly from doing nothing. Idea is in speed, you cant sit and suffer. Opened, played, climbed up-up-up, fell, failed to break your own record - well, next time. One dollar. Go for it.

2XL ATV Offroad

ATV Racing. Beautiful game that is loading a long time, has quite simple and efficient controls, only accelerator and brake buttons are placed very closely to each other. During the jump the spring to the left is green. Should you press it the rider will lift his butt a bit to make the maneuver beautiful.

What you can notice in the beginning - you crashed into in a column or railing and you are flying to one side, your ATV - to the other. You touched something and that same butt of yours is flashing in the air. Its not an arcade. It is a serious race. But somehow, I do not know why it didnt touch my feelings, no interest at all. Beautiful, but everything is too serious, and who need that seriousness in racing?

For ATV racing fans it is a real find. If you're not one of them, try the free version first you will need a few minutes to assess the game.

Super Turbo Action Pig

Super-duper mega creative pig is a game about a pig with Jetpacks. The main hero (a pig) flies somewhere and halfway meets dynamite. Sharpened stars. Sharp kitchen knives. Missiles. Dynamite stick bundles. WHAM! And the pig is immediately served with good ketchup. You play with the only button, up and down, should you make one mistake and you turn into a hot-pot on the table. Not fun at all, but an eye candy. Not for kinds and, judging by the rating, adults are not particularly attracted. But you can always try.

My verdict is simple: forget this bloody game.

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Sergei Kuzmin (skuzmin@mobile-review.com)
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Published — 19 May 2010

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