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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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New phones and accessories from Sony Ericsson

On the eve of the exhibition in Paris Sony Ericsson decided to demonstrate its new range of terminals, which consists of Sony Ericsson T230, Z200, Z600. Just before presentation the company refused to announce P900. It will be launched later together with T620. In our opinion it will be announced in October in Geneva. Apart from new models the company announced many accessories, which are worth to see. Not all photos are available in the article because there are too many of them. Live pictures are placed on the other pages. Do not forget it while reading this article. In the evening you could see new photos of these models, then, a little bit later well publish test of these handsets.

The first product is a new entry-level Sony Ericsson T230. Earlier it was known as T220, but not long ago the index was changed. The design of the handset resembles business phone, but it is a low-end phone inside. This subtle game allows thinking that the phone will be more demanded with this exterior. Samsung uses the same argument in its Samsung C100, it stand out by its classical design in its segment.

Specifications of T230 almost do not differ from its predecessor - T310, but it doesnt have IrDA. We can notice that the new phone supports Mophun gaming platform instead of Java. Nice 32-tones polyphonic melodies are available in the handset. It will be available after 43. week and the price would be about 120-125 USD.

Totally two colors will be available - Blade Gray, Steel Blue. Weight of the phone is 79.2 g., dimensions are about 101.543.519 mm. According to the manufacturer, the handset could operate up to 300 hours in standby mode and up to 13 hours in the talk mode. In my opinion, the phone is interesting. The screen, which supports only 4096 colors does not stand out among other products, but nevertheless, attracts attention. It is STN display, so, it blurs in sunny day. On the whole the phone is similar to T310. The main rivals of this model will be such models as Nokia 3100, Samsung C100, Alcatel 535 and others. Later well publish comparison analyses of this models.

Sony Ericsson T230 Live pictures

Clamshell Sony Ericsson Z200 aimed to youth market is also based on the platform of T310. They have similar functions. The screen also supports 4096 colors, but there is small window on the external cover of the phone. It is a kind of display; clocks are used as a screen saver. You cant view incoming phone number on this screen. So, it seems to be just jewelry of the phone. On the upper part of the handset you could see a strap-hole. This strap is included in standard kit.

Phones of the following colors will be available on the market - Velvet Blue, Cosmo Silver, Frosty White, Pulse Red. If you touch the handset, you feel velvety plastic surface of the phone that is very pleasant.

Dimensions of the clamshell are 96.45225.4, the weight is 98.3 g. According to the manufacturer it could operate up to 200 hours in standby mode and up to 4.5 hours in talk mode. This phone doesnt support Java, only Mophun gaming platform.

The front cover of the handset can be changed. Two extra covers (Style-Up) are included in the phone.

Sales of Sony Ericsson Z200 will begin after 45. week and its retail price will be about 230 USD. The main target group is youth. The rival will be such model as Motorola V300, which have similar specifications and time of launching.

Sony Ericsson Z200 live pictures

The top-model in this line is Sony Ericsson Z600. In response to functions it is a copy of Sony Ericsson T610. The main differences are the following: TFD instead of STN screen. So, the information should be more visible under the Sun. The weight of the phone is about 110 g., dimensions are 904827.9 mm. In my opinion the phone is a little bit thick, not very graceful. On the other hand, it has internal antenna and it will attract consumers. The phone could provide up to 6 hours of talking time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Integrated camera is similar to the one that we saw in T610.

An advantage of this model is that it also has interchangeable covers Style-Up. Two covers are included in the delivery kit. Totally 4 color solutions of the phone will be available on the market. Each one has own set of covers.

Shipments of Sony Ericsson Z600 will begin after 41. week. First price for this model would be about 425 USD, later it would decrease to 350 USD. May be it sounds strange, but the main rival of this model will be also a phone from Motorola Motorola v600. Partly, Samsung E700 can be a competitor, it is positioned in the same segment but loses in functionality.

Sony Ericsson Z600 live pictures

Sony Ericsson Z600 Style-Up panels

Specially for Z600 the company produced Gameboard EGB-10, which allows to turn the phone in the entertainment center. You could set the phone in a special pedestal and then use large keys to play games. The manufacturer indicates that this gameboard is suitable for active games, for example, pre-installed V-Rally2. It is one of the best console games for Sony PS2.

Joystick is 8-directional in this device. You could assign different function to 4 keys paced on the right, for example: shoot, jump, slow down and so on. On the whole the control is though out. This device will be available in the 4Q after launching of Sony Ericsson Z600. An expected price is about 60-70 USD.

Gameboard EGB-10 live pictures

Specially for bluetooth-phones the company produces toy cars (CAR-100). You could control them using bluetooth-phone as a remote console. Visitors of CeBIT could see similar cars this year. It is expected that they will be available in November on the market. Price is not known yet.

Traditionally the company continues to produce bluetooth-headsets. Now it revised HBH-20. The main peculiarity of this model was that the main block was fixed on the clothes, a wire with an ear-phone in the end came from it. This construction allows not to wear this device on the ear and it doesnt attract much attention. The successor of this model is called HBH-200. The main peculiarity is that a display is used on the main block. Those who saw wire headset HPM-20 with FM-radio will immediately recognize this block in the new headset. Information about incoming call is displayed on this screen. You could also view list of the last calls and select the necessary one. Appearance of these devices is logical; one more time the company proves its leading position in this field.

The headset weighs 33 grams Standby time is up to 70 hours taking time is up to 3.5 hours. We think that it will be rather attractive for users. The device will be available in the beginning of the year. An expected price is about 115-120 USD.

Now we should mention such accessory as external camera. A successor of -25 is -30. It will be shipped in November, the price will be similar to the price of -25. Specifications of these cameras are almost the same.

At last we would like to notice that the company began to cooperate with Turner Broadcasting. It has copyrights for many cartoons, including Tom and Jerry. Wallpapers with these heroes and melodies will be used in the phones of Sony Ericsson. This contract is similar to the one that Motorola concluded with MTV in March.

Do not forget that soon well publish reviews of all announced phones. And now think about the following. Shipments of P900 will begin since 46. week while shipments of Z1010 only after the 52.week in UK.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova(maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 3 September 2003

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