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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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WAP-resources for adults, or the entrance for children is prohibited

Yet about fifteen years ago to dream of mobile phone could selected units, and computer in office was not so habitual attribute. Now both computers, and phones are widespread everywhere. Using the last ones you can get access to worldwide web where allocates the infinite quantity of resources devoted practically to all questions. Small clone of the WWW accessible from mobile phone, are wap-resources, they are pages special way prepared. Such resources are adapted to display text and pictures on small phone screens. As a result, on wap-pages you will not meet the big images in full color, they, as a rule, are black-and-white pictures, sometimes supporting grey-scale. Nevertheless, was found a set of areas in which similar resources became claimed, it is view of small city maps in online mode from phone, search of help information, and also erotic and porno resources.

Last have appeared spontaneously, at the first stage of becoming they were supported exclusively by enthusiasts that made them not similar against each other, they were original in something. The second interesting moment is that such pages were noncommercial; it was not necessary to pay for their viewing, and, especially, they were not flashy with advertising. But times change and now on wap-pages with frivolous contents already try to earn, and rather successful. In a source of success lays a circuit, which we have seen for the first time in the market of personal computers. Many certainly remember such game as Strip Poker, which has appeared on the first PCs, winning, you, step-by-step undressed your competitor. In case of success, you could see a picture of poor quality, any magazine of such orientation is abounded lots of more qualitative images. A reason of popularity became the combination of two directions - games and erotic. In that moment still small, but permanently growing army of PC users has understood, that the computer can be used for such entertainments. The majority was moved by curiosity to new, it would be desirable to see with own eyes, how it was on computer. You see, as a matter of fact, computer as the device has been surrounded by an aura of mystery all the first years of its existence in the mass market, and programmers in general were considered as a selected caste. All taken together added fuel to the fire.

The first wave of pornography for mobile devices was based on curiosity of people to which it was interesting and how it looks on their phone. We can’t name other reasons, as to make out something on the small black-and-white phone screen was impossible. And the amount of phones with support of this technology in year 2000 was insignificant. Therefore the appearance of first resources has caused a smile for censors, they only shrugged shoulders and designated them a deafening failure, having routed all forces on struggle against pornography in the Internet.

And in the meantime the technology did not stand still, phones with displaying of grey tints, then with color screens have appeared, their resolution has grown so, that displayed pictures was not necessary to guess, them were possible to look quietly. And in this moment in the wap-resources containing pornography or erotic, begin to flow money, they were routed by people which in due time have created the most successful Internet resources on this subjects. Calculation was based on the market knowledge and on belief in progress. So, investments into this sector are unprofitable, at least, about 2-3 years, but then they should be paid back literally for a year and further only bring dividends. For the benefit of it speaks the fact, that phones get color screens, even big images are perfectly visible on them. In the near future smartphones class will strongly increase, that also will give increase of visitors as result, and the profit will increase. About it speak also the researches of analytical agencies. So, Forrester Research predicts for 2004 growth of profits from pornography on mobile devices (handheld computer and mobile phones) up to 1 billion of dollars worldwide. Unison sounds the statement of Merrill Lynch Company, under its forecasts by the end of 2003 number the mobile Internet (wap) users, will exceed number of people using simple Internet.

To find in the network wap-resources with pornography is very easily, it is enough to type an appropriate word-combination in any search machine. In the results of search you will see tens thousand of pages, mainly in Italian, German and Swedish languages, probably affect features of legislations of these countries. The majority of sites are applications, some kind of advertising to known sites, while they do not offer information for money.

Other business - every possible MMS-service, when you can order the multimedia message on your phone and the money for its obtaining will be withdrawn from your account. In Europe similar services are offered by number of operators, and they are enough successful, cost of the message with animated pictures (main difference from wap) changes from 0.5 up to 1 Euro. It is curious, that in Russia in the Moscow MegaFon network there is a service under names Strawberry, and here are offered erotic MMS-messages. The amount of such services users worldwide permanently grows, decelerations growth rates are not visible yet. It means only, that every month will appear more and more similar wap-resources, and also MMS-services. And users were both moved, and will moved by usual curiosity. Anyway, it is equal until then, when in their hands there will be no phone with the big screen, permitting to view high quality photos. But such devices, on the other hand, can enter quietly in the "big" network that will cancel necessity for wap-sites. In the turned out dilemma the answer is obvious, erotic and pornographic wap-resources will be a makeweight to already existing sites, their original show-window. And MMS-services will stay claimed for a long time, as they are fundamentally other bearer.

In future a heyday of mobile pornography it is necessary to expect with appearance of 3G networks where becomes possible data transfer on high speeds. Under forecasts of experts up to 40 percents of all traffic in such networks will have on video clips with obscene contents. It allows speaking that the pornography on mobile devices only starts its path. The relation of pornographic and all other resources in the mobile world will be exactly the same that now is in the Internet. Technologies of information transmission differ, but its customers remain equally the same.

The given material is not at all an ode of pornography, it's only an attempt to estimate a perspective of similar resources on mobile devices. We consider, however, that should tell about that you can find on such resources. The most innocent sample of contents is the doctrine of Kamasutra, it is possible to familiarize with it by the following address: http://wwwmmm.free.fr/kamasutra/kamasutra.wml. How it was already spoken above, to find similar resources in the network is easily, the big selection of references with descriptions is available on this page - http://www.mobone.com/dir/category.html?c=79. Its big plus is in possibility to familiarize with contents of wap-resources right there, in the window of the wap-emulator, it saves of necessity to type the address in phone. For entirety of experiment, later, it is possible to try viewing them on phone. In all cases you free-of-charge get access to pictures for adults, but their resolution and plotting of details are minimum, it is necessary to strain imagination. Other business archive of erotic histories (http://tagtag.com/sex2txt), here in English, it is possible to esteem appropriate materials, also free-of-charge. Russian resources of such sense are not present till now, single sites that it was possible to detect, appeared to some extent clones of western. For interested persons to study subjects thoroughly and to experience all literally on itself we'll result a pair of typical addresses, they can be typed in phone's wap-browser. Here they are - http:// www.bbteen.co.uk/index.wml, http://www.wapdrive.com:80/ohmywap.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas Von Horn (andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published — 17 April 2003

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