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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Philips' product line for 2005

Philips has taken not a big share of GSM terminal market, however considering its size and developments in various fields; it is capable of showing interesting products with unordinary functionality. Some of them are a Xenium line (products with the maximum battery life), the Philips 639 (an unordinary clamshell with a PolyLED external screen and "crazy clock"). The company was the first to launch a touchscreen model - the 755. So, as you see, Philips can surprise and attract, though doesn't aspire to become the leader on the mobile phone market. In the course of the last month information about almost the whole model line of 2005 appeared in the net. Here it is generalized.

We are especially grateful to the site http://espaciointerior.webcindario.com/, the majority of the photos are borrowed there.

The company has already represented its Philips 162 model in the low-end segment, you can acquaint with it in a corresponding review on our site.

Review Philips 162

The successor or a logical continuation of the model is the Philips 362. That is a middle-class solution distinguishing in quite a qualitative 65K TFT screen having the resolution of 128x160 pixels (for the first time by this company). The model has 7 MB of memory onboard, though doesn't support mp3 melodies as a call signal. At the same time a fully-functional IrDA is present, a standard set of functions and Java support. Its integrated VGA-camera can work with a flash. By pressing the number key "5", you can activate the flash as a lamp. Judging by the appearance, the device resembles the Nokia 6020/6021 in some way, there is a certain similarity on the photos, but really the model is smaller and more interesting. As a copy of the mentioned above models, the Philips 362 will cost 40-50 USD less. It possesses everything necessary for work, Java-support, there are about 5 games. We'll publish the review of the model shortly.

And again, the company brings innovations to the middle segment, in particular, the Philips 766 will be launched. Similarly to the Philips 755, the phone is equipped with a touchscreen and the upper part of the clamshell is rotational. Besides a virtual keypad, the device has a hand input recognition system, which is of current importance for Asian countries with hieroglyphic script. Latin characters are supported, but the situation with such input is uncertain for local markets, probably, a separate solution will be applied for a certain case. The body is of a glossy plastic, and the material resembles the same of the Samsung E530. Judging by the appearance and tactile feelings of the plastic, the model may be referred to fashion devices, though that is a middle-class one. Other characteristics are ordinary - colour external screen, IrDA, standard functions.

The next model basing on the Philips 766 is the Philips 868. There are some design changes applied, the antenna is internal, and a 2 MP (CMOS) camera appeared. The dimensions are comparable to the Philips 760, and the body quality is similar also. What is interesting, Siemens plans to launch the same product under the name of Siemens CF70. Here are the main characteristics of the device:

  • GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Dimensions: 92x45x26 mm, volume 70 cc
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Internal screen: 262К TFT, 2", 176x220 pixels
  • External screen, 65K cSTN, 1", 96x64 pixels
  • ROM 8 MB
  • miniSD connector
  • 2 MP camera, the max resolution 1600x1200 pixels
  • Video in 3GPP, up to 30 Fps, QCIF
  • Flash
  • 64-tones polyphony
  • MP3 player, mp3 files as a call melody
  • Java
  • IrDA
  • USB 1.1
  • WAP 2.0
  • Photo or a video clip assigned to a name in the phone book
  • Voice dialing
  • Battery 750 mAh Li-Ion (up to 150 hours in the standby mode, talk time up to 330 minutes)

The Philips 968 is the top model with a touchscreen. And again that is a clamshell with a rotational screen. Differs from the elder models in a more qualitative body, increased screen resolution up to QVGA. In all the rest that is a complete copy of the Philips 868. The majority of the Philips 968 photos and the ones taken by its integrated camera are here.

In the Xenium line we see a renewal for the Philips 650 or the Philips 9@9c called Philips 9@9i. A 1.3 MP camera appeared in the phone, ROM capacity increased, a bit better internal screen, and in the rest the device resembles the previous one.

The Philips 960 is the last model of the line. This first slider by the company is equipped similarly to the previous models, but has more memory (up to 50 MB), integrated CCD camera, and a 2 MP matrix. The supported interface is Bluetooth. Many people call the device a smartphone reasoning from the Linux operating system applied. In fact, that is a closed system and a user can only install Java-applications. Using Linux the developers managed to rework the interface almost completely, it got more interesting and stands out of the usual company style.

The device is a bit heavy by feelings, though having a small size. The edging and the back of the slider are metallic. The model lies well in a hand giving good tactile feelings, the screen is not bad even being rather small physically. The camera has not impressed yet, but it will be elaborated till the autumn./p>

Those were the main products of the year by Philips in short; only two models that will be announced later are behind the review.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published - 6 June 2005

Have something to add?! Write us... eldar@mobile-review.com



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