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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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The N-series by Nokia - three new products and one leader

Nokia was preparing to the launch of its new N-series for long time. And the appearance of the new index letter signifies the products are really important to the company. Actually the series was announced in the spirit of the last year policy, following it the company tries to distinguish different products greatly and join thematically only some of the phones placing them out of the standard product line bounds. We have seen this in the promotion of the Art Deco line (Nokia 7260, 7270, 7280) and now that is smartphones' turn. The N-series is intended as the one offering the maximum of not only business but also entertaining functions. That is some kind of a solution combining all the possible characteristics.

The first product of the new line is the N70 being a direct descendant of the Nokia 6680 different only in the internal memory capacity (there are 30 MB here) and a 2MP camera. The dimensions are 108.8x53x21.8 mm, while the weight is 126 grams. That is a 3G phone also working in GSM networks. The main emphasis is put on the camera with the resolution of 1600x1200 pixels, 20x digital zoom. Its integrated flash works within the distance of 1.5 meters and there is also an anti-red eye effect. For user's comfort the device is equipped with 6 preinstalled shooting modes - portrait, landscape, sports and others. Recording video is also possible. In general, the fact the model is based on the 60th platform allows applying almost al the possible photo editing software. The Gallery has been redesigned taking into consideration large photos and the interface has also changed a bit. Also the presence of an FM-radio should be mentioned. The N70 may be expected in the third quarter (approximately in September) for the price of 550 Euros.

The next model N90 is created basing on the same idea as the Nokia 6260. That is a clamshell with a rotational external screen, having turned it aside you'll get into camera mode. But as different to Nokia 6260 the camera module was taken out to the upper side. That is a separate rotational module with its degree of freedom. On the one hand that spoils the phone design making its appearance look worse. On the other hand this allows getting a better optics quality without thinking about the size of the device. The optics by Carl Zeiss is used in the Nokia N90. It is considered one of the best and I'd like to stress it's glass and not plastic making the main difference of this device from all the similar solutions. The camera is comparable to the previous model in the set of characteristics; also consider the max resolution forming 352x288 pixels.

The size of the phone equipped with a 2MP camera with glass optics couldn't be small from the beginning, especially considering the device is built on the 60th platform. The dimensions form 112x51x24 mm and the weight is 173 grams, these won't be up to all. And we don't know how much the pleasant functions inside will cross the discomfort of its dimensions.

The external screen is similar to the Nokia 6230 having the same resolution of 128x128 pixels (28x28 mm) in a closed mode the screen may serve as a viewfinder. The internal screen is 2" with rather an unordinary resolution of 352x416 pixels, 262K. An evident improvement of the main screen is its automatic contrast adjusting system setting the screen characteristics depending on the surrounding light level.

Also an integrated name recognition independent from the pronunciation appeared. There are 31 MB of the internal memory and a RS-MMC slot with a possibility of hot change. In general, the model is nice but heavy, thus will rouse the same complains of bad ergonomics as the Nokia 6260.

The model will be sold since the end of the June for at least 650 Euros in the beginning of sales. And then the price will fall to the level of 575-600 Euros.

The third model N91 represents the first company smartphone equipped with a 4 GB hard drive. The presence of the drive is necessary for using the device as an mp3 player; the supported formats are mp3, m4a, AAC, WMA. Separate folders, playlists are supported, working with music seems well-done. According to the manufacturer the battery life in the player mode forms up to 12.5 hours, similarly to the Sony Ericsson W800 the player works even when the phone module doesn't. Its earphones connector is standard 3.55 mm.

Other distinguishing feature is the body of stainless steel similar to the Nokia 8800. The dimensions form 113.1x55.2x22 mm, the weight is 160 grams. The sliding part closes the number keypad and buttons responsible for player control on it; they may be blocked from accidental pressures. The pluses include a possibility to record music not only from a linear input but also from a microphone and the FM-radio.

A user is provided with 30 MB of the internal memory for the main applications and functions and any multimedia information may be kept on the disk. The device is quite comparable with the Nokia N70 in camera possibilities.

Besides Bluetooth the device supports WiFi (802.11 b/g) that allows using the device for navigation in the network, downloading big compositions. Al the three models support USB 2.0 via a standard interface connector also providing the maximum speed of connection to a PC for today.

The screen is 176x208 pixels in resolution and similar to the Nokia 6680's one. Many functions are also similar, since that is only an improved version of the 60th platform.

The launch of the N91 is expected in July 2005 and an approximate price is 750 Euros.

Summing up, we can call the models interesting and pleasant if not considering their dimensions. The 2MP cameras are of good quality and many of you will make sure of that soon. The quality of the photo is quite comparable to the Sony Ericsson K750i but probably not higher. Comparing the new models appeared at once with the Sony Ericsson K750i is not right, like comparing a lorry with a passenger car and then saying the carrying capacity of a lorry is higher. The company is a doubtless leader in the family of smartphones without a sensory screen. Its production is the best for today and the Nokia 6680 and its clones' expanded functionality makes us doubt Windows 2005 Magneto will dominate next year, it is likely to happen in two years.

The last model announced in Amsterdam today is Nokia 5140i. The phone differs from the previous device in a better screen, expanded memory, other body colours and a renewed 40th platform version. The device will be launched in the beginning of the summer for the price of 300 Euros.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published - 27 April 2005

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