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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Products from Sony Ericsson, the first half-year 2006

Sony Ericsson K790/K800. The first models released under CyberShot brand, feature 3.2 MP camera armed with a xenon flash, and have a new extension slot for M2 memory cards. The main difference between these two is that the senior one is a UMTS-handset without EDGE support, and the junior model is, on the contrary, GSM only. These are top models for the entire 2006, their release is scheduled for June (K800i will be launched in the middle of June and K790i will hit the shelves in the end of June). The models will be distributed at the price of 350-400 Euro depending on region. Detailed review of these devices you can find here >>>

Sony Ericsson Z530i/W300i. One and the same model, though with different front panels, which are included into the standard kit. The device featuring W letter relates to Walkman-line-up and is considered to become the cheapest product of this class by Sony Ericsson. The differences between the models lie not only in the design, but in the kits as well W300i is distributed along with an M2 card with the capacity of 256 Mb (up to 1 Gb) and a high-quality headset HPM-70 (however it lacks the band features in the same headset but for W800i). And in case of Z530i, the kit isnt so attractive, as it consists only of a 64 Mb memory card.

As to functionality, these handsets dont differ at all, their major attraction are measurements (904724 mm) and the weight of 93 grams. On the whole these phones will fit children and women more that the other part of audience. Among interesting solutions we should note a monochrome external screen with orange inversion backlight, featuring not only common icons, but information on the current track. The side volume adjustment key is made in an unusual manner it has the Music key built in and also the buttons are relief, so they are handier to work with. And the last but not the lease, the handset supports Bluetooth, armed with an IrDA port, and has 28 of internal memory. USB 2.0 supports allow fast uploading of files to memory card. The model features an UBC screen, capable displaying 65 K colors there is nothing special about this parameter. On the whole these devices are original but interesting.

The release date is scheduled for the end of May and beginning of June respectively. Initially, W300i will cost around 200 Euro, which is the lowest charge for a device of this series. At the same time there are some luring devices-competitors, one of which is Motorola v360. But to tell the truth the main opponent of this model will be Z530i, rather than a Walkman solution, since it has a more comprehensive kit. Z530i will be sold at the price of 170 Euro, which is quite attractive for a device of this class.

Sony Ericsson K310i. The top model of budget-segment featuring the price of around 125-130 Euro, has a VGA camera, Bluetooth, IrDA, and a screen with a resolution of 128160 pixels (UBC, 65K as well) onboard. Among standard features one can find RSS Reader, voice dialing and 15 Mb of non-extendable memory. Any MP3 tune can be set as a ring tone; the manufacturer even integrated a mail client. The strong side of the device is capability of synchronizing all data with PC. The handset shall hit the shelves in May, exact dates are still unknown..

Sony Ericsson K510i. The successor to the dropped out Sony Ericsson K500, here the developer laid the main stress on the 1.3 MP camera. According to the manufacturers intentions this device should become the cheapest offer featuring such camera, among the Big Five manufacturers, though this idea is more like to be a failure. The handset is armed with a better TFT screen, capable of displaying up to 262K colors, though featuring a resolution of 128x160 pixels. The addition of removable panel appears to be an unusual. There is no way one can use memory extension cards here, even taking into account the amount of available storage, which is 28 Mb overall, though the standard kit includes a USB-cable. On the whole, this model seems to be an attempt to compete with handsets of Nokia 6030 class. The phone is quite attractive for its price bracket and its future depends on pricing policy, since at the moment the charge is higher on 15-20% than it should be. The handset will be launched in May at the price of 175 Euro.

Accessories. The company extended the list of Bluetooth-headsets by adding three new models. Model HBH-IV835, supporting version 2 standard, has a minimal weight and just inserted into ear. This is one of the first handsfree devices, featuring Auto Pairing function, which allows pairing it with handset in one touch. The release date is scheduled for the middle of summer.

HBH-GV435 offers support for Bluetooth 2.0 and Auto Pairing as well; moreover it automatically adjusts sound volume, judging by the environment. The device hits the shelves in August; no confirmed information on the price has been published though.

The classic headsets series by Sony Ericsson is widened with HBH-PV705, which features compatibility with various devices and improved energy saving. The model doesnt have any additional specifications actually its an inexpensive solution, with the release date scheduled for September.

In our review there is one car-kit that looks quite interesting its HCB-100. It supports up to 5 simultaneous connections coming from various handsets and indicates which device receives a call. Rather innovative solution, because its not only driver who is waiting for a call in a car. Moreover, this handsfree set can be used not only in a car, but in office and at home, fortunately its design features all these possibilities. The device can work up to 600 hours in stand-by mode and provides around 20 hours of talk time. Echo and noise suppression are also onboard.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Alexander "Lexx" Zavoloka (alexander.zavoloka@mobile-review.com)

Published - 03 March 2006

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