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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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3GSM Congress. Products by LG

LG has always been trying to lay a claim to leadership in some fields but not to represent its formed product lines for various markets. The strategy is similar to the one many Korean manufacturers follow trying to put on a false front. The current exhibition was not an exception and here the company showed "the first in the world", "the best", "the only" product. That is typical that a set of models was of no interest and models really worth attention were lost against their background. The company represented several models for GSM-networks and the leader here is F1200. Considering the index this device is positioned under F2300 but actually they are equal in functionality. The phone supports mp3 and the external screen is 65K STN. The camera is VGA, there is a karaoke function and stereo loudspeakers are typical for the F-series (that is mainly marketing than a real stereosound). The device is a full representative of the last phones by LG and is a good middle class.

Model M4300 is the first by the company to support EDGE and designed in a car-style. The device provides a full-functional support for mp3/AAC, 40-tones polyphony, VGA-camera. The inner screen has the resolutions of 176x220 pixels and is 262K. The external one is 65K OLED with the resolution of 96x96 pixels. The device seems a bit unbalanced having new possibilities at the same time with rudiments. For example, video is recorded in MPEG, there is no support for mpeg4, 3GP.

In some sense, LG was a pioneer on the European clamshell market but low quality of plastic that is unusual for fashion models did not allow the company gaining a success here. The company takes another attempt in this segment in 2005. Model A7150 working in GSM 900/1900 networks, supporting EDGE is the first solution directed to the USA market. The device was developed accounting on working with operators and a European version may appear in some time. The device possesses ordinary characteristics - a 65K screen with 176x220 pixels, a VGA-camera, 40-tones polyphony.


We found model F7250 supporting Push to Talk more interesting. But what is the main its design differs from other products by the company. The device is functionally similar to Samsung E630.

The company is rather successful considering 3G terminals and that is due to its collaboration with operators. LG produces plain models with low prices and that makes them attractive in the operators' eyes. Model U8120 currently being replaced by U8180 is actually the most demanded. The changes were applied to the external screen that became colour, the internal one now shows 262K colours and battery life increased slightly.

A game-phone SV360 also attracts attention. It has a 3D accelerator providing high quality of graphics. The model is opened in a horizontal line (similar to Nokia communicators) giving access to the internal screen. The last has the resolution close to the maximum for this kind of screens specially for graphics (320x256 pixels). This 262K screen shows rather a vivid picture. Navi buttons looking mostly like game joysticks are responsible for control. The raisin is in the integrated motion sensors, some games process moving the device and a game obtains a new level.

A phone part of the model is available in a closed mode, mp3, 64-tones polyphony, 1.3 megapixel camera are supported. The external screen has the resolution of 128x160 pixels and shows 262000 colours. The dimensions are 108x50x24x5 mm.

An idea of digital broadcasting and particularly Terrestrial DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting) is being developed in Korea. Model LT1000 is one of the first to support it. The device is even equipped with a TV-output for demonstration of received programs on a large TV-set of a panel that was shown during the presentation. The 262K internal screen was specially developed for representing multimedia data and as a result has the resolution of 320x320 pixels. Also the device is provided with a 1.3 megapixel camera (CCD), supports recording video with the frequency of 30 frames per a second. And that is surprising the device did not become a small monster thus having the dimensions of 96.6x56x26.4 mm.

Model LP5200 is standard for its generation having a 1.3 megapixel camera, an mp3 player, miniSD connector but a peculiarity of the phone is supporting a text-to-speech function. You just need to receive a message and the device will read it aloud. In general such functions gradually get standard for phones.

Model KP3800 has a biometrical identification by a fingerprint. Russian users are already acquainted with such technology by the example of Pantech phones. The function is really useless for the moment. Later with turning a phone into a kind of credit card authentication will get more necessary and now these are only the first experiments.

Model KP8400 having a disproportionately large back panel also belongs to such experiments. The first idea that comes to a head is the device is equipped with a large battery and thus gets alike a small ingot. But doubts appear when it is opened and a shit of paper is inserted into it (something has been done to the paper beforehand). And an express analysis for the example you have just inserted will appear on the screen. The function is unusual but is unlikely to settle down in phones since too many actions are to be taken and actually it looks useless in such a phone.

A new representative of the youth (Korean youth) line is L3000 replacing an mp3 player and nothing special may be told about it.

The company has rather weak positions in the smartphones field and thus such models as SC8000 run by Pocket PC appear. The advantage of a model is having a GPS receiver integrated.

A F9100 model having a horizontal slider construction is intended for the USA market. That is for giving an access to the QWERTY-keypad of the phones and other phone characteristics are ordinary.

A number of accessories for new devices looked quite interesting. Unfortunately, a bluetooth-headset looks good only on the photos and in fact it is big and uncomfortable. The second headset is more acceptable and it uses an active unit and a traditional wire with an earphone.

A mobile charger belongs to charging accessories. You can easily charge the device with its help being on the journey; you just need to charge it before setting out. This device is actually of little practical value.

The company also considered that a holder with an integrated battery would be interesting for a number of users despite its size and a necessity of charging. It seems to be one more accessory released for a quantity but having a low practical value.

This is the first time a bluetooth car kit appears in the company assortment. For instance a Visor model is rather plan and uncomplicated. A variant of the same model integrated into a looking glass is also available, the solution is really original.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published — 16 February 2005

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