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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Motorola - multimedia everywhere

Contents, all articles from CeBIT

This year the Motorola's booth was located on the same place as usual. But the company refused from the separate pavilions where it earlier showed business solutions. On the other hand there are much advertisments on the exhibition that is not typical for the company. There are also many small boothes of distributors, operaters which offer their own solutions on the base of Motorola's equipment. The company increases its marketing activity and the exhibition is only the first step of it. The booth also showed that the company will focus mainly on the end users. It is rather important for the market though the Motorola's position in Europe is not very strong today. Operators are not very active in pormoting these products. It is obvious that the company will pay more attention to those markets where there are not so many operators. Russia belongs to such kinds of markets. It means that many products will appear first in Russia and only after that in Europe. The situration will be similar to Motorola C350.

We decided not to speak about products which were shown on 3GSM Congress in Cannes in this article, you can read about them here. In this article we'll write only about the main interesting devices shown in Germany.

It was surprising that the company showed several network devices targeted for using at home and in the office. This direction of the company is not widely known for public.

Let's return to the handsets. There are several photos of C115. This low-end phone will mostlikely appeared in July and the price of it will be around 65-70 USD. More information about it you can read in the report from Cannes.

Several models from Motorola aroused much interest. One of them is Motorola E680. It has a touch TFT 65 K screen with the resolution of 320x240 pixels. The color rendering is not ideal but quite nice. Motorola makes passer-by solutions for such kind of models, they are nor worth nor good. The only exception is a new V-series. The phones of this series have one of the best screens on the market (v300, v500, v600).

Motorola E680 is also equiped with two stereo speakers which provide 3D sound according to press release. We couldn't check it because the music from other booths not allowed to do it. But E680 can be heard in such noise, the sound is good. Also there are not bad effects in the games.

This phone is focused on youth, who needs not only functionallity but entertainment as well. It was a kind of Motorola's response to N-Gage though it is not right to compare these devices directly. Both of them powered by Symbian but Motorola E680 has a more traditonal form-factor.

Among other functions is has VGA-camera with 8-x digital zoom, a possibility to record video, SD memory card slot. Video clips look better than on the similar phones of other manufactures. The quality is comparable to PDA.

In the menu of this model we could find such item as Mophun. It means that the device supports this gaming platform typical mainly for the phones of Sony Ericsson. It adds new capabilites to the phone.

It is also said about 3D Java games which were probably realised on the engine from Mascot. Not very long time ago sony Ericsson announced the same. Today only these two companies have such a package of technologies connected with the games.

To strength the gaming features of E680 the company creates special gaming places where you could try yourself as a pilot. It’s a simple 3D graphics but the game doens’t hang on that it very pleasant.

Motorola produced one more product focused on the youth market. Today it has unique features. The model has index 398 though it sounds rather strange. All technologies connected with the music are realised in this phone. Firstly, the phone is equipped with mp3-player (supports only standard functions), secondly, it has memory slot (the size of the cards is one half of SIM-card size). The slot is located near the SIM-card holder under the battery. Hot swap of cards is not suppoted that is not very convinient. The developers decided that it is not necessary, may be ther are right.

The strong point of the device is a big screen which is capable to support up to 65000 colors, stereo sound (cuts on phone's sides) and Haptics technology. The last function unites different lighting effects corresponding to different events. Motorola is the first company which unveiled this technology on the market. The keypad and edjes could changed in time of rhymes. The color could change slowly and quickly. There is a disco mode which allows the phone on your neck to blink in time of music. More information about this technology you could read in the review of Motorola v80.

The menu of this model is similar to the last models from Motorola. The phone also has typical settings of functions. The phone also has bluetooth and a cable for the PC. Taking into account that the phone will be launched in the middle of summer and its price will be around 320-340 USD, it will be very popular.

Many smartphones were showed on the booth: MPx, MPx100. Information about these devices you could read in the report from Cannes. I was succeed to have MPx for some time. The device is really interesting by capabilities. It was only a prototype and it doesn't work properly. But in the near future the company will change the keypad to increase comfortability of the phone. The company supposed that shipments of these smartphones will begin in the end of the third quarter. Earilier it was said that they would begin only in December. Let's wait and see.

Motorola A768 is not so popular smartphone. It is equipped with a touch screen and all necessary technologies. The phone is pleasant and very functional.

I could also try A930 - the 3G phone from Motorola. It has not large but very large diemensions. And it is its main shortcoming. The device is equipped with all available technologies, has a large keypad and good screen.

At last few words about entertainments which were available on the booth. There was a blue room and operator inside it, who makes video clips with anyone who wants to participate.

You should put on a t-shirt and kick the ball. Then you return to the same position and imitate your joy. At last you could receive a video clip on your e-mail. The exampe with my participate you could see in this clip. It's a rather interesting technology, kind of entertainment.

Video clip (AVI, 750 Кб)

You could also sit in a special pavilion in special armchairs and play with different phones, many visitors used this chance. Keep in mind that you can read about other models from 3GSM-Congress report.

Contents, all articles from CeBIT

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Alexander "Lexx" Zavoloka (alexander.zavoloka@mobile-review.com);

Published — 23 March 2004

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