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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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IFA or new notes from the exhibition

Until this year almost nobody talk about exhibition of consumer electronics (IFA), which is held every two years in Berlin. Suddenly in March there were many rumors concerning the fact that many products not showed on CEBIT would be announced at IFA and it would be worth to visit. It is impossible to speak neither that IFA is analogue of CEBIT nor they opposed to each other. These exhibitions have different direction and periodicity. CEBIT is the largest event of the year. Very often companies postpone launching of their products and date them for this exhibition. IFA is a current event, where mostly already available products are demonstrated. Although one can also see prototypes which would be launched only in several years. On the whole the exhibition is very interesting and you could spend more than one day to visit all stands; its rather tiresome. In my opinion, IFA occupies about half of the territory compared to CEBIT.

Face of the exhibition was a red-haired girl. You could see her face in advertising materials and the stands of different companies. In reality the girl looks different, at first I even thought that I saw another model from the other photos.

To say the truth, I wasnt going to visit this exhibition at first. World announcements of mobile phones were not presumed there and accessories were not so interesting. On the other hand, when I received an invitation from Samsung, I didnt refused. By the way, soon well publish an interview with one of the leaders of the company. You will know about the strategy of the company on the market, main issues concerning development and philosophy. So, basing on this information, it would be possible to understand main trends in the field of mobile terminals policy.

But it will be later. Now lets return to IFA. Traditionally well tell not only about mobile handsets, but also about unusual devices or services.

Its not a secret that in many countries mobile connection is cheaper than usual wire connection, number of subscribers are almost equal to population of the country. Coin telephones became not so popular. In spite of many tourists, it is not very easy to find such telephone booth. By the way, this old woman is a typical user of these devices. Namely people of that age prefer telephones to mobile phones.

Walking down the streets in Berlin, you can notice bicycles, which are waiting for their next owner. Just dial a number written on the bicycle and the chain will be unblocked and you could hire this bicycle. Unfortunately, such original solution is impossible for Russia.

Generally speaking, Berlin is full of different kind of vehicles. We liked one sightseeing car, but didnt have time to try it.

On the other hand, you didnt meet here so many exclusive cars as in Moscow. Its easier to find really old rare cars, which are probably used by their owners.

All over the world its very popular to use lorries as a place for advertisements. This exhibiton was not an exception. Even near the entrance you could see large lorries with N-Gage. Surely Nokia will have an extensive advertising campaign of this product. For those who do not know, official announcement of this device will be at the 7. of October. An expected price is about 320 Euro.

You could see many cars on the territory of the exhibition. I was impressed by mini car, resembling the one used in golf-clubs. Many logos of Sony Ericsson were attached there. I watched as German teenagers tore off few of them. Passing by this car later, I saw that one of the employees renewed these labels, taking new ones from the large package.

Contrasts are a distinctive feature of Sony Ericsson. They decided to use a small bys for employees and a large bus (resembles school bus) for visitors of the exhibition. Just go inside and the representatives of the company will immediately captivate you.

The company didnt show new models. I even couldnt find Sony Ericsson Z1010 at the large stand of Sony. Representatives of the company said that they didnt have this model. After a fortuitous call they very confused because they noticed not announced handset in my hands. Simultaneously they decided that I worked for Sony Ericsson and I couldnt make them change their mind.

LG placed their racing car far from usual visitors, only VIP-guests were allowed to see it form the front.

There were many cars of different colors and kinds at the exhibition. Very often you could see integrated audio systems there. Do you like this loudspeaker?!

I could spend all time watching these musical systems, but at last decided not to do it, because was afraid to miss other interesting things. Here is just one photo of the cars.

At the stand of Clarion one could see radio-recorder with bluetooth support. It is a solution how to use speakerphone functions with standard . I tried this system with my handset and it operated without any problems. Just place one module with integrated microphone apart from radio-recorder. The company recommends placing it at windshield. The second external microphone is also included in the kit. You could locate it wherever at a dash-board. Probably in future other solutions will also appear.

T-Mobile demonstrated a solution firstly showed this year at CEBIT. It is a navigation system with a help of using smartphones. A consumer buys GPS-receiver paying 200 Euro, this device could be setup either in a car service center or in the service center of the operator. In this case the receiver was placed at a dash-board.

MDA used as a smartphone. You could view roads, select a route, than the device could show you movement direction, gave signals about turnings. This service costs about 2 Euro for each route. Today maps of Germany, Benelux and some other European countries are available. Besides this payment, the consumer pays for data transferred via GPRS. It seems to me that price policy is reasonable. The question is whether this service is really popular in Germany. Consulting manager said that the service was too young to make conclusions and it was too early to speak about its success.

Some companies showed cars which have smaller dimensions. This racing bolid is A DVD-player in reality. Representative of China company refused to answer my question and speak about the price for this device, when understood that I was from Russia.

Finishing the story, I couldnt say few words about Russian fighters. Russian MiG-29 appeared in Germany after unification of the country. They have been functioning till today. Air forces even promote them at the exhibition, inviting everybody to train. Girls in military uniform could tell about military service, give live pictures photos of our airplanes. It is a good promotion of our Russian weapon.

Next part of the article will be devoted to exclusives phones, Japanese novelties and other devices not typical devices.

To be continued>>>

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova(maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 03 September 2003

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