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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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SvyazExpocomm 2003. Brief exhibition guide or all in one bottle. Part 1

Despite of the fact, that the exhibition is the fifteenth on account, i.e. anniversary, to name it strongly distinguished from the past year is impossible. All proceeds equally as well as the last year, changes have only touched some trifles, and a new pavilion has been added. A surplus of free areas was obviously felt in it, stands were not allocated very tightly, and the amount of visitors promptly came nearer to zero. There was an impression, that in first day everybody relied more on the memory of the previous visiting and did not look in any way at current plans. Position of some companies has been mixed in them, in reality they have allocated absolutely in other places. In a word the impression of working confusion was traditional and as the result, from first minutes it was possible to plunge into the working atmosphere.

At the entrance the advertising of MTS Company will meet you, right here the girls will distribute yellow leaflets. The second year at the exhibition successively prevail two colors, yellow and mislaid on its background blue (it's not the other operator, but various distributors). Besides MTS a contribution to the yellow coloring brings Euroset Company, to refuse their packet is extremely difficult, young men in the form of the company have occupied all strategic points.

Exhibition was opened by, as its already having become the kind tradition, SystemTelecom Company, honor and praise to it. Stopping on mobile communication operators Ill note, that in the Forum pavilion you can find only two of them, they are MTS which basically advances Jeans, and right here Sonet Company. In the second case the stylization of safe communication has taken strange forms, a pergola and a bench with talking young ladies, all is pastoral, that breaks out from pavilion noise.

Beeline (Vympelcom) has allocated on air, its pavilion stands near to forum. Right here outside there is Megafon's pavilion. Girls from this company distributed with pleasure to passers-by small chocolates in firm packing. To speak about exposition of operators doesn't worth, as basically it is services and to show them is not always possible. In a case with Megafon on the stand it is possible to look streaming video transfer on smartphone through GPRS-connection. Such demonstration looks impressive, in fact looks, to connect by phone and to look the TV program at any moment, is not only curious, but sometimes it is useful. Clearly, that nobody will look movies with the help of this feature, but small news issues are perfectly entered in the concept of this service.

To a word, MTS Company tried to emphasize in every possible way its sponsorship of the Formula-1 team, it was possible to see racing bolide in the street, and in the yellow color form and with helmets was walking pseudo-racers.

Besides the operators at the exhibition not bad are presented distributors, their stands are both in pavilions, and outdoors. Near to forum walk adult toys, coquet with girls from Megafon. Right here there is also the Svyaznoy's pavilion which has generated these toys. Besides indicative function, and also reception of some information in pavilion it is possible to purchase phone or accessory, for many visitors, as well as for your obedient servant, it became revelation. The trade went briskly, on my eyes, was bought two not the cheapest phones. It's curiously, that other retail dealers have transformed their stands in short-term shops. It would be interesting to me to look at results of trade by the end of exhibition, I think, they will be interesting. By the way, the prices at the exhibition are the little less than those prices that it is possible to find in city so there is the certain sense in purchasing.

In pavilions and on stands of dealers it was impossible to see the newest terminals models, for it, it was necessary to go to manufacturers. I'll make a reservation that year by year Motorola Company does not participate in the exhibition. This year Ericsson Company has joined it, to find its stand at the exhibition is impossible, its a pity. At the same time in new pavilion the exposition of Sony Ericsson has appeared. To begin survey of the exhibition I recommend exactly from it, a little of people, an opportunity to twist in hands Sony Ericsson T610 in quiet conditions. According to all available information the beginning of official deliveries to Russia it is necessary to wait in the middle of summer, the price in retail can make about 400-450 dollars. In Europe the model will appear the nearest weeks, in the beginning at first-rate operators, then at retail networks. It is interesting, that the first deliveries include only models of silver-black color, other colors will appear at the end of summer.

Right here were presented Sony Ericsson T310 and smartphone Sony Ericsson P800. There will no official localization (Russian) for the last one. In a word, it is necessary to direct foots to this pavilion and look at Sony Ericsson Company.

Here in enough small distance is Panasonic's stand, on it is worthy DECT-devices, mobile phones, and other office equipment is presented too. Really, not under glass it is possible to look at Panasonic G50 (GD55 with the color screen, its brief characteristic). If you have luck, and if you find the representative of the company, there will be a chance to twist in hands Panasonic X70 which succeeds in September Panasonic GD87. There is bluetooth in it, flash for digital camera, Java - the device promises to be interesting if it will appear in the specified terms.

In the pavilion it is possible to find the stand of company Plantronics headsets offering in Russia, I liked very much the design which includes heads of people.

Alkotel Company is rather conformable the famous French Alcatel, but you cannot find mobile phones here, only DECT-devices, and also wire decisions. Phones designed a la antiquity are looked interestingly .

Smoothly move to the Forum, here in passing we look at the design of Sonet's stand, pass to MTU and at request we change visiting card for access card with face value in 2 units. Judge by the hill of cards, even before the official exhibition's opening there were a lot of people wishing to receive about 2.5-5 free-of-charge Internet hours. The separate attention deserves Wester's stand, accessories of this company are extremely unusual, tattoo covers and also pony's fur are fashionable.

At the forum there is nothing more to look, as usually, but for the animals, from Zebra Telecom.

Sometimes there are also meet other versions, for example, musketeers.

We leave outdoors and pass to the second pavilion.

Part 2 >>

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas Von Horn (andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published — 14 May 2003

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