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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Sony SJ-33

“More well made pocket PC's!” - with such, probably, motto, Sony once again fills up the SJ model line. This time, handheld computer Sony SJ-33 differs in design, and, perhaps, also the built - in mp3-player. So, a brief review.

Set and package - all is standard - green box, cradle, battery charger, headphones without remote control.


Actually, it was the area with the most number of changes. The case of the new model is executed from black smooth plastic with rounded edges, is similar to a soap tray:-). The screen is closed too black, but a translucent cover, the screen is even visible through it when illumination works. The case could be very good, if not one small shortcoming: fingers prints immediately appear on smooth black plastic. They are erased, by the way, not so easy, leaving postings. Just from the box SJ-33 looks wonderful, but this beauty blots right now … It is insulting.

The cover of the screen fastens on the powerful closed loop in the top part of the screen and opens as in smartphone TREO on 150-170 degrees. But you can't remove, and cast away back too, so that the cover does not bear special functional work, it's a wrong decision.

On the cover a proud inscription flaunts now: Personal Entertainment Organiser.

Practically full restyling have undergone the basic hardware buttons under the screen: they have appreciably decreased and have located in round deepenings. Scrolling buttons are semicircular too and are located in a deepening and between them has settled down the indicator light-emitting diode. In my opinion, Sony engineers once again preferred design to functionality (first time it was in model PEG N 415). On the other hand, and I repeatedly spoke about it, the function of scrolling buttons in SONY handheld computers is assumed by JogDial module, and buttons become a certain atavism. On both sides from the block of buttons are small rubber fixings - stoppers for protective screen, above buttons flaunts grey inscription Clie.

From other controls it is possible to list JogDial module, the power-on button, which being shifted upwards, also carries out blocking of keys function - HOLD, and RESET button on the back panel, which in model SJ-33 is so big, that is possible to press on it simply with the end of stylus.

Under the power-on button one more compartment is located, closed with bibb and screw. By similar design in NX90 model, behind it settles down the Backup accumulator battery. To experiment untwisting the screw I did not begin - was afraid to spoil commodity view.:-)

Hardware characteristics

Motorola Super VZ processor - 66 MHz, 16 Mb of RAM, 8 Mb Flash ROM, polyphonic speaker, to a word - enough loud, built - in mp3-player (without remote control), with capability of playing ATRAC-4 files. The color display, 65000 colors, back illumination - in this area Sony are standard - ahead of all the planet! Palm OS 4.1. The battery is built - in. Whether I know, a merit of these batteries are, but Sony promises till 10 hours of music playing (with the switched off screen). I did not have opportunity to lead detailed tests, but in my opinion, it is no more than an advertising course, maybe, the player became more economic, but at normal work Sony consumed energy in a usual for SJ series mode.

Conclusions and comments

Frankly speaking, for me it is not clear, what for the company makes similar models of pocket PC's and deduces them on the market. It is not absolutely true from the marketing point of view, in fact the products with identical commodity qualities are competitors in their product niche. It means, for example, that with coming out of SJ-33 Sony obviously reduces sales of SJ-30 … An interesting opinion was stated by one colleagues of mine - that Sony simply fulfils a certain producing technology of pocket PC's … Anyway for the time being this is the most reasonable explanation.


Successful and, naturally, original model of a pocket PC. It is not necessary to doubt, that Palm admirers will pay attention to it. It is insulting only, that for its normal work, it is necessary to upgrade it, installing programs more suitable for work , than built in operational system, to select utilities, to find musical players for realization of all opportunities and operational system and hardware.


Alexander Ereemeev (eremeev@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas Von Horn (andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published - 18 April 2003

Have something to add?! Write us... eldar@mobile-review.com

Have something to add?! Write us... eldar@mobile-review.com



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