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Nokia 3650, 3510i - an official announcement

Today Nokia announced a new Smartphone 3650 based on the 60 platform. It worked under Symbian in version 6. The main differences if compare it to 7650 are the real key-pad, a navigation key instead of joystick, colourful interchangeable covers and a lithium-ion battery of increased capacity (850 mAh). Besides, a new key feature - video capture was added, though a free memory space remains 4 Mb. So the quality of the clips is rather doubtful.

Now it's all the rage to announce new phones with i-index. The first was Nokia, now this company continues to renew the phones. 3510 has just launched the market and now its renewable version - 3510i is announcing. Capabilities of the phone didn't change considerably. Only a colour display, which shown up to 4096 colours, was added. New covers both luminescent and graphical are available. The phone also supports Java technology. The beginning of sale is planned for the 4 quarter. An expected price of the handset is 250-280$.

This model was launched quickly to be a contender to the phone SonyEricsson T300, which could have become rather popular in the middle level section without rivals. It has 2 months as an advantage over 3510i. But after 3510i will be launched the most will prefer it to T300. There are no objections that the 4096- colour screen is better than 256-colour.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Sennikova Maria(

Published — 06 september 2002 y.


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