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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review LG G7030

LG G7030, live pictures

Standard kit:

  • Phone
  • Battery charger
  • User's guide
  • Strap
  • Portable handsfree

LG each time shows more and more functional models, adding to existing devices new functions and removing lacks of the previous versions. LG G7030 did not become an exception, it is interesting from design position, and it is the first clamshell phone with two color screens from LG. By and large it is the second model in the market with color external screen (after Samsung S300/S200). As against Samsung clamshells LG has applied the OLED-screen, instead of the STN one. When it is released it will compete with Samsung E400 (with external OLED-screen too), but however, step by step about everything.

LG G7030 has the external aerial, it is one of the last devices with such design, later all the aerials become built-in (for example, LG G5450). The designers have decided not to go back on classical clamshell forms, but have diversified them with various color combinations. So, the side parts of the device and its top part are made of black plastic, there's color insert around of the external display (these colors can be titanic, red and sky-blue). The other part of the case, its back surface is silver. If to open the phone you will see, that inside there's black plastic, the device is looked nobly. There's mirror insert around of the screen, it just design element.

The sizes of phone are 85х45х23 mm, the weight is 88 grammes. The device lies well in hand and it's very easy to open in with one hand.

The external screen, is made by OLED technology, it displays up to 256 colors. The colors look alive in room; they differ from colors of usual color screens. The screen fades on the sung; you have change the angel to discern the picture on the screen. The screen displays time and service information during standby mode, you can adjust one of the different effects (for example, scattering insects). The pressing on side key switches between date and animation. It can be 3D animation or simply cheerful picture; they have no function but look pretty good. Having shown such pictures to friends, you will cause the genuine interest to the device. Some images are frivolous, for example, two dogs, with pulled up hinder paws and forming hearts from two jets. As a whole the pictures are pleasant, they are interesting for looking from time to time.

You can adjust the operating time of the backlight and choose font's color. In standby mode, after a time, the picture starts scrolling vertically, interesting effect.

Besides 2 volume keys, there are hands-free connector and IR-port on the side face. The IR-port in this model is used only for data synchronization with PC, you can't use it for data transmission.

There's aperture for the strap at the top end face of the device and data cable connector at the bottom.

Having opened the device, we'll see the internal screen, its resolution makes 128х160 pixels, it displays up to 65000 colors (UFB). In a room the picture looks rather good, but on the sun the screen fades, the information becomes practically invisible. The screen can display up to 6 text lines and up to 2 service lines.

The keys are well moved off from each other, they are big by size. The numerical keyboard is sunk in the case, nevertheless, it is convenient in use. The navigation key has button OK, and also adjoining soft keys. There is separate key for dictophone and also for auto responder, this pleasant feature facilitates the use of the device. You can call phonebook and fast menu (messages, voice functions) in standby mode having moved the navigation key. The fast menus are useful feature, it's very easy to call the majority of functions with their help, and you don't have to navigate through the menu.

The accumulator is lithium - ionic with capacity of 720 mAh. According to the manufacturer it can provide up to 200 hours of work in standby mode and up to 2.5 hours in talk mode. In conditions of Moscow network TS the device worked about 2 days at a heavy use (30 minutes of talking, up to 30 minutes of using other functions). At less use it is capable to work (15 minutes of talking, 20 minutes of other functions using) about 3 days, it is necessary to be regarded as average and most typical result. The t time of the full charge makes about 1.5 hours. The accumulator overflows the case, it isn't flush.


The main menu is organized as vertical items, each of them has animated icon. There's fast navigation with the help of shortcut numbers. Let's examine all the opportunities step by step. We'll remind that the phone traditionally has Russian input, including eZi. You have to switch off eZi every time you change the input mode, there's no such global function in the phone. By default is adjusted eZi input which language coincides with the chosen menu language. The interesting trifle is that on the asterisk key, there are point and comma symbols, but at input they are located on key 1.

Phonebook. It's possible to save up to 255 entries in the phone memory, you can enter up to 3 numbers for 1 entry and also e-mail, text note and closed group. For the selected name (in general list) is shown default number, with the help horizontal pointers you can look other information, it is convenient. On the whole, in the list numbers are shown numbers from phone memory and from SIM card. There is search by the first letter of the name, it is also possible to search by full name.

For groups it is possible to choose the icon, a melody of a call. From the menu of a telephone directory it is possible to adjust a fast set for keys from 2 up to 9. It is interesting, that for a fast set phone of the subscriber should be present at a telephone directory. To choose it is possible any type of number.

Messages. You can save up to 100 messages in phone memory. The device supports EMS besides usual SMS-messages. There is an opportunity to adjust up to 10 template messages, there are also preset messages in the phone. By and large all is standard, there are no any changes in comparison with other phones from LG..

Call list. The phone saves information about 15 outgoing, 15 missed and 15 accepted calls, with the date and time. You can also overlook the information about transferred data (GPRS), call cost and its duration.

Profiles. The device has some profiles, for each you can adjust various options, for example, ring tone, vibration alert, SMS-messages alert, etc. There is a variant when fisrt the phone vibrates and then plays ring tone, however, there's mixed mode.

Options. You can find the alarm here, it's the first item. The alarm is only one, but you can adjust it for single, daily, weekly or monthly operation. Here you can also choose the wall-paper for internal screen, and adjust some options for the external screen, everything else is typical.

Call divert. All is clear from the name.

Organizer. In the calendar you can overlook the current month, the events are entered for each day, there is an opportunity to adjust the alert and its repeat type. There’s no division on event type. The phone has text notes list.

Fun&Games. The device has two games, Othello, Ice Cave. The first game is a variant of "Go", in the second it is necessary to place ice cubes so that the penguin could roll the egg to the exit and not break it.

The calculator is convenient, helps the graphic help on the screen. There is unit converter and world time function.

The dictophone allows recording up to 3 notes, 30 seconds per each. The memory is not allocated dynamically so, having written down three notes for 10 seconds, you cannot create a new one. The dictophone also records during talking.

Auto responder - this function allows to enable the preset message or to record a new one. So, when the auto answer is enabled the person will hear your greeting and then can leave the message. But you should remember that it is not network function, you pay for the time. But basically, this function is rather good as alternative of the voice mail, many people use this feature.

WAP. The browser of version 1.2.1 allows loading melodies and pictures, they are located in the related folder.


The device is rather good by voice transmission, it has no obvious problems. The loudness of the speaker is superfluous, it is necessary to reduce it some times. The polyphonic ring tones (40-instrumental) sounds loudly enough; the melodies are pleasant on hearing. The vibration alert is average by force, it is felt, when you carry the device on yourself, but it's impossible to feel it from a bag.

The external color screen diversifies the device, makes it more attractive, especially for the associates, and it is one of the success pledges in fashion segment. To the minuses relates the poor readability of both screens on the sun, the absence of data transmission through IR-port. To plusses it is necessary to relate the reasoning of the interface, the presence of auto responder and dictophone working during talking.

LG G7030 will appear in sale in the beginning of July, the initial price will make about 350-370 dollars. It is necessary to expect gradual and insignificant reduction of price by September, the price become minimal in November, it will almost disappear by the New Year, on the assumption of new devices release.

The basic competition of LG G7030 will be with Samsung E400, as these devices are unique with color OLED-screens at the occurrence. So, it is necessary to look at the price struggle in this segment, it can change the order of forces, and the end user will win.

Examples of ringing tones (mp3, 480 Kb)

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas Von Horn (andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published — 20 June 2003

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