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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review of GSM-handset Sagem myC5-2v

Standard kit:

  • Handset
  • Charger
  • Handsfree kit
  • Users guide

Recently Sagem has decided to breathe new life into its Sagem myC5-2. The renovated model, like the predecessor, has the appearance of a clamshell with two displays; the antenna, in spite of Sagem myC5-2, is internal here, a built-in VGA camera is onboard. The handsets dimensions have remained the same: 82.242.723 mm, weight: 85 grams. Though in practice the device appears to be even smaller, owing to slightly narrowed bottom part of the cell and smoothed edges. Noteworthy fact, that with the external antenna being removed, the handset has obtained nice look.

The body of the device is made completely out of medium-quality plastic it can be guessed by slight crackling when you hold the handset in hands. It gives the impression that the handset is rather fragile, but its not true, however at the first glance everything looks exactly this way. The shells surface is varnished and quite easily soiled. There are two different color solutions available: black with silver and blue with silver, though in both cases finger prints on the phones body are distinguishable. Moreover, the surface doesnt pass persistent test, as after a time one can find scratches and abrasions on it.

The upper flip features seven-colored service indicator through the menu you can set an individual color for one of the devices functions, like incoming call, battery out of charge, alarm clock o something else. A small monochrome display, located right under the display, is edged with a mirror frame. This display has a resolution of 96x64 pixels (21x13mm), the white backlight is extremely bright.

The major flaw of this screen is the fonts they are too small and thin, so its really hard to distinguish something on the display. Moreover it affects only information on incoming, outgoing calls (number and name), incoming messages all this data is displayed on the screen, though the font is unreadable. But when it come to stand-by mode, when the screen shows watches and current date, font is perfectly fine. You can turn the backlight on when the device is closed by pressing the volume adjustment key.

The left side panel features doubled key meant for adjusting volume. Fortunately, its well located, so no difficulties arise while you are making a call. The only issue concerning the button is its softness, so it can be accidentally pressed, when you have the handset lying in your pocket. By tradition the bottom part features an interface connector surprisingly it appeared to be open, so it will become cluttered with dust.

The device can be flipped open single handedly without any difficulties, since there is rather deep hollow edging the cell, so one can easily hook on the upper flip. Having the device opened, youll see a small cSTM-display featuring a resolution of 128x160 pixels and capable of displaying up to 65 K colors.

The picture quality is rather fair for a screen using STN technology. Even though it fades in the sun, information is still readable. When flipping the handset open, the displays backlight turns on not instantly, but a while later although this delay is miserable, it is a bit annoying.

The keyboard is made of plastic. Four position navigating key, with the OK key integrated in to it, has average size and quite comfortable. Two functional keys, accept and end call keys are pretty small, but well located, so one will experience no hardships while using them.

Numerical keys are placed right up to each other in horizontal lines. They are of medium size, so some mistakes in typing a number or message occur from time to time, though they are rare. The keyboards backlight is blue and uneven, that's why some buttons don't have enough illumination.

The rear of the device features the object-glass of the built-in VGA-camera it stands out and not covered at all, so get ready to find scratches soon enough.

The rest of the cell is occupied with the battery modules cover. Though its fastening is not firm after a shot period of usage youll spot a small gap there. Behind the cover one will find the battery with the capacity of 700 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 240 hours in stand by mode and up to 3 hours of talk time. In the conditions of Moscow networks, the charge lasted for 3 days we spent around 30 minutes on talks every day and up to 20 minutes on other functions usage. This lifetime is quite good as loading gets higher, it is more likely to last about 2 days. Full recharge time of the device is around 1 hour 20 minutes.


The main menu has the appearance of 3x3 grid with fair icons quality, at least they are better than in Sagem my301x. The sub-menu, found in the device, is also displayed as a grid: a large icon of a selected item in the centre and a list of four smaller icons on the left side of the screen. The device feautes fast number navigation, though it can be used only in the main menu.

Both left and right functional keys can be assigned for fast access to selected menu items. Notable that the keys are tied not with one item, but with a listm, consisting of seven items. By using left or right functional keys while at the devices stand-by screen, youll bring up the fast access menu (with only one item displayed at a time), which can be browsed by pressing the navigating key vertically. The handset is localized pretty good, however some shortenings are still present there.

The phone provides around 3 Mb of dynamic memory, which is automatically distributed among applications

Phonebook. All contacts are stored in the main memory of the device, though the phonebooks capacity depends on available free memory. For each entry one can write down fist name, last name, up to 3 numbers of different types (mobile, home, work, etc.), 2 e-mail addresses, homepage address, companys name and a short text note. Besides each contact can be bound up with a certain ring tone, as well as a picture or photo.

When creating a new entry, one can choose storage place: either in the phones main memory or on SIM-card. All contacts saved in the main memory and SIM-card can be displayed either separately or in one list. The search is conducted by the first letter, while in Settings menu you can choose the way entries will be sorted by first name or last name.

The phonebook features fair capabilities; the only flaw here is rather complicated menu, though it can be gotten used to after a while.

Pictures and photos, allocated to contacts are displayed on the screen when both receiving and accepting a call.

Message. The device supports EMS standard there is a set of pre-installed emotion icons and ring tones. What is more, one can insert events from the calendar and contacts taken from the phonebook, into messages. While typing a message you can enlarge font size by pressing #, another way of performing this function is to use the menu; input mode can be changed only via the menu; you can also make up some template messages of your own. There is a possibility of delivering a message to multiply contacts, though in order to do this a mailing list should be created beforehand. And the last but not the least: the handset is capable of storing the maximum of 100 messages.

MMS editor is quite simple to use the messages body in addition to standard text, pictures and ring tones can include a voice recording with maximum duration of 2 minutes 26 second, which can be made right away by choosing the corresponding item on the menu. All incoming and outgoing messages are limited to 100 Kb.

WAP. The device has WAP-browser version 2.0 installed similar to messages, you can increase font size by pressing #

Applications. Here one can create reminders bother text and vocal ones. In order to make a task active you need to choose category and set alarm (from 5 minutes to 1 day). A vocal ToDo can last no longer than 1 minute.

The device also provides a simple alarm clock, featuring only triggering time.

Also at your service: countdown and a common calculator with currency converter.

This menu items hold an audioplayer as well, which can playback tracks in MP3 and AAC formats.

Multimedia. Three folders containing video, pictures and ring tones are located here. While viewing a photo (picture) one can apply several special effects or zoom in on a particular detail.

Organizer. The calendar item features monthly, weekly and hourly views. Each event can categorized and bound up with both text and vocal notes, besides that you can set start and end time of an entry, periodicity and sound alarm (from 5 minutes to 1 day).

Settings. This section contains sound settings one of pre-installed or uploaded rings tones can be set as the ring signal. Also you can record call signal using the dictaphone (not more than 30 seconds) this function can be performed by pressing a special button on the left side panel. The following file extensions are recognized as ring tones: MIDI, WAV, AMR, MP3 AAC. Vibrating alarm may be triggered off along with the ring tone or in first vibrating alarm, then ring tone mode.

Three color schemes are available for the display, as well as numerous wallpapers and screensavers (which should fit one of the following file formats: wbmp, bmp, png, gif, animated gif, jpeg). Right here one can adjust contrast and backlight mode: screen only, or both screen and keyboard.

The sub-menu also holds general call record, storing incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Here one can find two counters applied to calls and data respectively.

Games. The device features only one Java-game - adventure Lords Of The Rings. Additional Java-application can be uploaded only via WAP; and when installing one of them, you can choose folders where they will be stored: either in Games or Applications.

Camera Due to absence of connectivity capabilities, taken pictures cant be transmitted to PC, thats why youll have to be content with them being shown on the screen, though the quality is fair.

The handsets display performs as the viewfinder. The device allows taking pictures either in 640x480 resolution or in wallpaper format (128x160). The pictures quality is also adjustable: one can choose from high quality or MMS. In addition to the aforesaid, youre also at liberty to set timer and select sound for shutter triggering.

The handset is also capable of shooting video with sound in 3gp format. When launching the corresponding application, youll be asked whether you would like to make a clip with no size restrictions or with size adjusted for MMS in the latter case it will be limited to 100 Kb. All clips are smoothly played back on the phone with no snatchings appearing.


Network receiving quality perfectly matches high standards of the modern handsets no deviations for the better or worse were spotted. The speakers volume is average there is no way you can hear your interlocutor when in a noisy street, though microphones sensitivity is rather good. The volume of 64 tone polyphony is high enough to be heard almost in any case, however ring tones sound a bit muffled. Power of the vibrating alarm is average.

The model will fit undemanding users, especially if they find the design attractive. Though you shouldnt be focused on the built-in camera, since no connectivity capabilities are featured in the device. Support for MP3 tracks, which can be set as ring tones, is a nice thing, but one should keep in mind that the only way to upload them is WAP, and this costs small fortune. At the moment the price for this handset is around 160 USD though this price bracket features some more interesting offers by other manufacturers

Ring tones samples (288 Kb, mp3)

Vladimir Fokin (vladimir.fokin@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Oleg Kononosov (oleg.kononosov@mobile-review.com)

Published — 22 March 2006

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