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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Sendo M550 (Fly M550)

Standard delivery kit

  • Phone
  • The battery charger for the hot charge
  • Manual

Sendo, the British manufacturer, was always distinguished for the style of its products and model M550 is just another prove of this special touch. It has been a long time since the phone entered the market, however for a while we could not obtain it for thorough investigation. As the German company that performs PR for Sendo promised to mail us the phone, we decided not to order it from the European distributors. The time was flying by, the phone was missing, and the contact person has gone into nowhere. Thus, once I freely got a hold of the phone, I opted to compensate for the old blank of this review (although then the review just hang around for four month mourning over its forgotten existence).

The phone was one of the first on the market with the missing external antenna, which is still a rarity today. Another particularity of this phone is the design of its frame case-the external panel is varnished, the plastic is glossy. The sides of the phone are of metallic silver-looking cover. Together with the inverted display (white font on the black background), the phone looks stylish and high pricing. You would not trace in the phone the touch of the middle-class manufacturer since the phone is well eminent among the models of the similar possibilities. Besides, the phone stands out for the style of its own. Keeping in mind that a lot of us choose the phone judging primarily its design and neglecting its real functional options, the model has good chances to become popular.

The back surface of the phone is painted, just like the inside, into the noble color of frosted glass that looks like silver. Coming back to the various color solutions of this phone, I will note that all of them are remarkable for the color of the external panel. You will find it in blue, black, violet, and red colors.

The dimensions of the phone are moderate although its weight is a bit less than it was expected; this strange feeling comes from holding the phone in your hand. You would expect the phone to weight more. Overall, the phone leaves a nice impression; it does not pull your hand down and proves lovely at working with it due to its size.

On the upper butt-end, you can find the only connector that the phone has - a battery one. Consequently, the phone will not satisfy those ones who are used to the headset. The strap hole is also located on the upper part of the phone.

There are no keys at all on the external side of the phone, which means that you have to open the phone to activate the external display. Thus, the date and the time displayed on the external screen loose in its value since you may simply not see them in the nighttime. When you open the phone, the manufacturer’s screen saver (as if by an accident exposed to the alien eyes, which is a commercial trick) is displayed.

You can open the phone by one hand, which you can assign as a command to one of the offered signals. Inside you will see quite a big display of 128x140 pixels resolution capable of reflecting up to 4096 colors. Since the phone belongs to the first generation of the phones with colorful displays, we should not expect a lot from it. The display is of moderate quality and goes “blind” (STN) under the rays of sun. Overall, the quality of this display can be compared to the display of such renowned phone as Motorola C350, with the only difference in the bigger dimensions of the display of M550.

The alphanumerical is made of plastic; the keys are bulging and are placed in horizontal rows. The functional keys are box-calf and you would find it convenient to work with both key types. The signs on keys are written in a small font that, along with the murky green backlight, leads to the sometimes-troublesome legibility of the signs.

The back cover shields the accumulator compartment. The compartment has one latch that causes in minor lift, which is however enough to make the “clam-shell” crack at a little squeeze. The phone is equipped with the lithium-ionic battery of 550 capacity m capable of providing up to two working hours at the talking mode and up to 120 hours at the stand-by mode at the producer’s request. The phone worked in the MTS Moscow network approximately three days in case of 35 minutes of talk with the minimal using of other functions. The total time of the full battery charge is a bit more than 1.5 hours.

The SIM-card holder is located next to the battery, although it is not covered by it. Thus, you get the wrong impression that you can replace the SIM-card without removing the battery. The edge of the battery that also serves for fixing the card tighter would not let you do it.


You will get to the menu by pressing the left soft key. There is no shortcut navigation. The main menu is arranged as a set of vertically located function signs with a caption and a picture for each. Let us review the phone possibilities in order.

Phone book. You can save up to 100 names in the phone’s memory. You can enter one number only for each name; you can conduct a search through the phone book or else save the contacts on the SIM-card. To say that this phone book is very limited is to say nothing-it is meant for a very undemanding user.

Messages. You can send/receive the EMS messages with this phone. The phone’s memory is equipped with a set of well-drawn emoticons. The predicted text entering T9 is also offered. Overall, the same undemanding user would be satisfied with it.

Internet. Just the simple wap-browser here; there are no particularities to mention.

Melodies. The phone is equipped with a very decent for its type polyphony; the melodies sound very well. You can set the vibrator or else the mode when the vibrator goes off first with the melody following it. It is nice how you can turn on/off the sound memo for some of the phone’s happenings (for example, battery discharge, new message, new full-size message).

Settings. You can set date, time, alarm clock (regular and just for one time), and screen saver (the timing is set). Among the internal display settings, there is a backlight and a theme selection that changes the whole array of the screen. You can select either regular or extended working mode for the external screen.

Extra. All melodies, games, and pictures are kept here. The phone is equipped with three games - KombatClub, Ten Pin, and Splat. In the first game, you take the role of a wrestler and you can play the game with your friends through SMS. The second game is the bowling while the third one is a well-known speed game when you compete in smashing the mice that steal the cheese.


This phone is very nice in its design although with a minimum set of offered functions inside. The quality of several functions is satisfying; the quality of the connection is moderate. By this main characteristic, the phone overrides just some of the Asian manufacturers and certainly gives way to the big brands. The phone costs 150 dollars, which is not a small price with the limited number of functions taken into account. The price is rather high since you mainly pay for the attractive design. I would not judge how much of a good bargain the purchasing of this phone would give you.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Kapustina (maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 03 August 2004

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