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Samsung T500 - ladies phone

We have already written about this phone, but now we can view it more elaborately. T500, which is so expected by all ladies, is a successor of T400. As its predecessor T500, new model is available in several colors, but now it has an incrusted external display. All menu items remained the same, for example, weight and calories counters and biorhythms, of course. Now the handset has a battery of extended capacity (the phone works about 4 days in case of active use) and 40-tones polyphony. It also has an internal display, which is capable to support 65000 colors. Moreover, this dispaly can turn into a mirror after pressing C key. It’s really a necessary option for all real ladies! In response to technological features, Samsung T500 is a typical phone of this company, which has a typical set of applications. Unfortunately, you’ll be able to make such gift only in April, when the phone goes on sale.


Eldar Murtazin (
Translated by Maria Sennikova (

Published — 30 January 2003


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