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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

First look. Sony ST21i Tapioca Microsoft Windows Phone 7: Reasons for Failure First Look at Samsung Galaxy S3 as a 2012 Flagship
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Review

Successor to the popular Galaxy Tab 7.0: a faster CPU and a better screen plus the fresh Android 4.0.

First Look. Sony LT30p Mint

Sony wants to make a strong effort to return to the market as a player both with strong and numerous solutions...

HTC Desire V Review

First HTC smartphone supporting dual SIM operation; middle-end handset featuring nice design and convenient Sense interface; one of the most expensive dual-SIM smartphones on the market though

Spillikins #181. What memory does your phone use?

Qualcomm and Samsung advertising hardware; Apple against green electronics; Apple to blackmail retailers; developers and OS's; leave home penniless...

Rambler's Top100

Spillikins 180. The Calamity and The Technology

It was yet another eventful week so once again I exceed the regular size of the Spillikins. Firstly, I want to boast a little about our achievements...

Tet-a-tet. Greg Sullivan on Windows Phone 8 and WP History

The interview with Microsoft Windows Phone division senior manager about Windows Phone 8, new update program for the end users and other OS particulars...

Spillikins 179. RIM to Embrace Microsoft

Apple bans Samsung in the US; Android 4.1 and Google strategy; RIM in bed with MS; Nokia on its way down again; HTC leaves Brazil; US market this summer;

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P5100) Review

Second version of Samsung's 10-inch tablet

HTC Desire C Review

Low-end smartphone by HTC: cheerful colors and attractive design, Android 4.0 and the latest Sense on board. What does it all look like?

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and other news from Google I/O 2012

On June 27-29 in San Francisco, CA, they are holding the annual developer-focused conference, Google I/O, where the company is presenting a lot of interesting projects and updates...

Acer A200 Tablet Review

Low-priced tablet by Acer: NVIDIA Tegra 2 and a full-blown USB port...

Spillikins 178. Galaxy Madness

Lumia sales; Elop seeks protection; New names for Snapdragon, Feel UX Android UI by Sharp; SGS3 sales; A bunch of bad news for RIM;

Spillikins 177. ARM Processors in 2014

Japanese xylophone; Charger standards; Beaches and Networks; The Man and The Bee; Arm and new alliances to shape 2014; microSD gets more expensive;

Microsoft Surface Tablet: the new rules of the market game

Why does the MS tablet mean the market will change and what advantages and disadvantages will it bring to the customers? Detailed analysis...

First Look. Sony ST21i2 Tipo Dual

A few weeks ago we took a first look at a new low end phone from Sony, the ST21i Tipo, that is going to start a new year in the company's roadmap for low end devices. Not long before the official announcement of the phone, which took place in a rather anorthodox way...

Spillikins 176. Nokia Tragedy: Elops Treason

Stephen Elop is a traitor; Nokias strategy; Nokia stock plummets again; Lay-offs; The murder of Meltemi;

Harman/Kardon BT Bluetooth Headset Review

One of the most interesting bluetooth headsets introduced lately. Can the professionals from Harman/Kardon show anything really amazing to the experienced gadget lovers? Yes, they can

HTC One S Review

A smartphone with middle-end specs but with a price close to that of a high-end device. A new lineup member that was supposed to be one step below the HTC One X. What do we get in practice?

Windows Phone 8: smartphone OS presentation

First look at the new OS by Microsoft. What expects the current Nokia flagships and WP 7.5 new features and hardware? Detailed analysis...

Plantronics M55 bluetooth headset review

Another low-cost headset by Plantronics from their new line: this kind of features set is normally found in more expensive solutions, and we get a car adapter in the package, too...

Spillikins 175. Samsung To Purchase Nokia?

Butter benchmarks; IDC market forecasts; Nokia to be purchased by Samsung; Nokia Asha touchscreens;

Review of Camera in Samsung Galaxy S3

A detailed comparison of the camera in Galaxy S3 with other models: full description of features, advantages and disadvantages...

First Look. Sony Miro ST23i

Sony is already starting to make as much use as possible from their current acquisition of Ericssons share in the joint venture...

Plantronics M25 Bluetooth Headset review

Good design, controls and ergonomics, A2DP and multipoint support How much could it be? Plantronics believes this one belongs to the low-end segment...

Review of Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset

The main difference of the UC version is the USB adaptor for easy computer connection and a set of chargers, but is the headset itself that different?

iOS 6 Announced

The announced iOS6 does not bring any revolutionary features and thats the worst thing about it. I fear that Apple might not recover from the loss of Jobs...

Apple in June: new MacBooks

Apple's big announcement in June: this article covers the natural metamorphoses of the MacBook Pro, the AirPort Express without a plug (unfortunately), and the MacBook Pro with Retina...

HTC Rhyme In Use

Today we will speak about one of the most attractive smartphones, which had a scary price tag before...

Nokia 808

Nokia was always known for trying to create mobile phones that were different one way or the other. At some point they even decided to name their smartphones "mobile computers" to either stand out from competition, just to make an impression or both...

Spillikins 174. What Benchmarks Mean

HTC One X vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy S2; Tests and benchmarks; Android OS versions market share; iOS and icons; Google vs. Nokia and Microsoft; Nokia continues to fall; RIM is about to kick the bucket;

Sony Xperia Go and Xperia acro S: Announcement

If I remember it well last summer the announcement of new Sony (still known as SE) models took place simultaneously with their world premiere, which is turning into a good tradition now...

Spillikins 173. Be Smarter Get a Mac

How buying a MacBook can make you smarter: a story of thingism; Nokia World postponed;

Instagram: Social Service or The Photo Manual

What Do We Learn from Instagram or the Social Aspect of Photography. How To Start Taking Pictures...

Spillikins 172. Stupidity Triumphs

Phone call ethics; A computer museum; WP7 in Russia and China; Googles strategy for Android; HTC One X issues; Manipulate robots with your thoughts;

Samsung Galaxy S3. Battery and Operation Time

In this section of SGS3 review we look at the battery and operation time in different modes. The current model is an absolute leader among Android handsets.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7: Reasons for Failure. Part II

In a number of articles we will discuss why Windows Phone 7 failed to dominate the smartphone market. Read on for detailed assessment of key issues for WP7...

Review of Blackberry Porsche Design P9981

Great package set, $2,350 price tag, full analogue of Bold 9900 judging by its hard- and software. The first luxury Blackberry...

Spillikins 171. Fake Calls

Fake calls; Siri names the best smartphone; Gadgets in the US; Modular phones;

Microsoft Windows Phone 7: Reasons for Failure. Part I

In a number of articles we will discuss why Windows Phone 7 failed to dominate the smartphone market. Read on for detailed assessment of key issues for WP7...

Spillikins 170. What Happened to Mobile Phone Design?

Mobile phone design; Mobile phones store layout; The MixBag; Nokias Stephen Elop accused of lies;

First Look at Samsung Galaxy S3 as a 2012 Flagship

The best Android solution is also a 2012 flagship with several new technologies. Read on about the phone, its camera and apps...

Blackberry World 2012: The Fall of RIM

Blackberry has nothing but disappointments for their fans; BB10: nice pictures but nothing behind them...

Sony ST21i Tapioca. First look

Just when the phones borrowing the design of the XPeria S were starting to be more than they should be, Sony created a different device, at least design wise, and we are presented with the ST21i...

Spillikins 169. BADABOOM: The Future of Bada

Whats in store for Samsungs Bada?; Blackberry made Apple an offer; Oracle sues Google over Android; the first Android phone prototypes; $399 for Galaxy Nexus;

Spillikins 168. Re: Stop Calling Me!

What is your mobile phone for you: a charm, a valet, an assistant? Social aspects of the mobile phone; Nokia financial results; the best Tower Defense games;

Spillikins 167: Gadgets vs. Gravity

How I broke my PS Vita into tiny pieces; Meizu EP-40 earphones; Blackberry had a plan B; Gartners bad tablet market forecasts; Google in figures;

Spillikins 166. Nokia Loses The Crown to Samsung, The New Number One

Quarterly results; Why Nokia is sinking; Lumia 900 in the US; Nokia is ditching its retail chain in Russia...

Spillikins 165. Instagram Makes iPhone Less Elite

Instagram on Android Creates an Uproar; First Quarter Results from HTC and Samsung; Qualcomm and Its Rivals; Internet Kills Cable TV; Martin Cooper Interview...

Spillikins 164. Tablets for $200 or the New Price Wars

5 Million Galaxy Note Sold; Tablets for less than $200; Blackberry Loses Money and Hope; Death of Traditional Retail; HTC Discontinues Sense Service; Google and a Blind Driver...

Spillikins 163. Android Updates: Myths and Reality

Firmware updates on iOS and Android in numbers; Why would you want NanoSIM; Nokia is giving their phones away, again; Is Playbook worth your money?

Google Play Market Vulnerability and the Attack on Samsung Smartphones

By the time this revised version of the article was posted we had not received any comments from Google or Samsung...

Tablet Guide From A to Z

How to choose a tablet and if Apple iPad has an alternative? Which screen size is the best? Which features to look at?

Spillikins 162. Why We Choose All-in-One Devices

Phone vs. Contagion; FitBit Ultra check on your sleep; OVI Share and my torments; The new iPad; Hybrid devices are coming; News on the 41 Mpix camera;

Spillikins 161. Emotions vs. Specs

Why people choose emotions and not GHz; Nokia's credit rating...

MWC 2012. Asus Padfone

Though there was no separate pavillion for Asus company at MWC, you could easily find Padfone samples in big numbers

MWC 2012: Acer's Uncertainty

Like Asus Acer did not have a separate showroom at MWC but shared one with some green robots...

MWC 2012: Preview of HTC Sense 4

A review of main new features of HTC Sense 4.0 on one of the prerelease firmware versions for One X...

MWC 2012. LG Unveils L-Style Smartphones

While its main rival shows how to draw with the help of Galaxy Note, LG prepared a new portfolio of L-Style smartphones

MWC 2012: Miscellaneous

Wireless chargers; Sony accessories pron and cons; a Samsung speaker for Tab (with a lamp amplifier and a wooden case) and more...

MWC 2012: Huawei A Chinese Marketing Strategy

Contemplations on how Chinese manufacturers are going to take on major brands and the strategy of Huawei with news from the presentation...

MWC 2012: Editor's Notes and Video from Day One

Dear readers, My name is Sergey Kuzmin and I suggest you to sit back, take a break, watch a video and move on...

MWC 2012. Galaxy Note: New Strategy

What is a Note Category and Which S-Pen Products We Can Expect in Future. Video and Slides from the Round Table...

Spillikins 160. You Are in the Army Now

Nokia Army and Internal Resistance; Personal Computers and Personal Phones; 20 million of Galaxy S2 Sold; Panasonic Eluga...

Spillikins 159. There is a buyer for any merchandise

Why people buy stuff: ad campaigns and the problem of choice; Why is it taking so long with Android 4.0: the Motorola example; MediaTek to boost Android 4 sales;

Review of Sony Tablet P: Part I

A real Sony Style tablet: it's got everything you need, fits in the pocket, looks nice but the two screens don't really make one...

Spillikins 158. The Invisible War for Components and Production Costs

Why some companies cannot catch up with the leaders or MacBook Air; Nokia Belle Loyalty takes a hit; No cameras or frames for Kodak;

Review of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

A flagship Google model with Android 4. This interesting solution highlights Google Experience and is attractive for all Android fans...

Spillikins 157. 2011 Ranking According to IDC

Corning Lotus and the Plant in Korea; ComScrore on the US Market; IDC Data for 2011;

Spillikins 156. Samsung To Invest $41.4 Billion Into Its Future

Windows Mobile still alive in 2013 or a bit on bad forecasts; Samsung's new investments; RIM's new CEO and the old direction; Also: some info graphics;

Spillikins 155. Nokia 2011 Results: A Billion Euro Down

Detailed analysis of the yearly Nokia report; tricks of its top managers with figures; lies and hush-ups;

Spillikins 154. Nokia 800 Sales: The First Data

Symbian^3 all over again; Sony Ericsson quarterly results; Microsoft's future is Kinect not Windows; California and chargers;

CES 2012. Bottom Line Trends and Prospects

The five biggest trends including smart watches, smart windows, mHealth and more...

CES 2012. Curious Accessories to Any Taste and Budget

A mystery device, BP monitors, Ferrari earphones, smart electric sockets, 3D sculpting and lots of other fascinating stuff...

Review of Jabra Sport

Two sports headsets from Jabra are almost identical, but one of them is wireless. The Bluetooth version has ideal ergonomics and radio, but the downsides are there as well...

CES 2012. Best Innovations 2012: 17 Winners

The panel selected best innovative products in 17 categories ranging from sockets to tablets connecting with phones...

CES 2012. Visitors from the Future by Fujitsu

Amazing Android smartphones that are not afraid of scratches, water and even know your sleep phases smartphones out of this world...

Apple and Books: Gutenberg 3.0

Traditional publishing is coming to an end and now everyone can become an author. The recent history of books...

CES 2012. New Sony Products: Detailed Review of Android Solutions

Detailed review of Xperia S, new watches and headsets from Sony with a new Android player into the bargain...

Spillikins 153. Gaming World: How Big Kids Change the World

Gaming Industry: Paradigm Change; Life without Twitter; Government Cellular Surveiilance; Nokia: Try&Buy; Bada + Tizen;

CES 2012. Day 3: Mobile Health vs Accessories

Nokia and Blackberry as the Key Losers of the Exhibition; Flying Drones; Sensors for Healthy Life; Vuforia by Qualcomm; Mirasol;

CES 2012. Day 1. Micrsoft and Intel: Visions of Future

In the Microsoft pavillion men were dressed in women's clothing, while Kinect was searching for lost items and made pictures of future; Intel 86 smartphone and unique Lego.

CES 2012: Motorola Goes Athletic

Sports watches, a cardio workout service and a bunch of new features for Android...

Review of Asus eeePad Transformer Prime TF201

The first Android gaming tablet, the first of its kind, quad core CPU and a good display...

Best phones 2011: Mobile-Review.com version

The traditional annual resume of the best phones, smartphones and disappointments, successes and flops...

CES 2012. Press Day Part II

Boring Microsoft, Nokia 900; an Asus tablet for $249 on Tegra3, Nvidias plans for the future; Sony and a new flagship, accessories;


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[ 31-07 13:34 ]Video: Nokia Designer Interviews

[ 31-07 13:10 ]RIM To Layoff 3,000 More Employees

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[ 25-07 16:18 ]Why Apple Is Suing Samsung?

[ 25-07 15:53 ]A Few Choice Quotes About Apple ... By Samsung

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[ 23-07 17:40 ]Video: It's Still Not Out, But Galaxy Note 10.1 Gets An Ad

[ 19-07 19:10 ]Another Loss For Nokia: $1 Billion Down In Q2

[ 19-07 17:22 ]British Judge Orders Apple To Run Ads Saying Samsung Did Not Copy Them

[ 19-07 16:57 ]iPhone 5 To Feature Nano-SIM Cards

[ 18-07 14:20 ]What The iPad Could Have Looked Like ...

[ 18-07 13:25 ]App Store Hack Is Still Going Strong Despite Apple's Best Efforts

[ 13-07 12:34 ]Infographic: The (Hypothetical) Sale Of RIM

[ 13-07 11:10 ]Video: iPhone Hacker Makes In-App Purchases Free

[ 12-07 19:50 ]iPhone 5 Images Leak Again

[ 12-07 17:51 ]Android Takes 50%+ Of U.S. And Europe

[ 11-07 16:02 ]Apple Involved In 60% Of Patent Suits

[ 11-07 13:14 ]Video: Kindle Fire Gets A Jelly Bean


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