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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

First look. Sony ST21i Tapioca Microsoft Windows Phone 7: Reasons for Failure First Look at Samsung Galaxy S3 as a 2012 Flagship
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Comparison of sound reproduction systems of Cowon S9 Curve and Apple iPhone 4

What to choose – a phone or a player? The question bothers many people as we try to give an answer with our case study…

Audiophile Column No 24

Can RIM products be used for music playback? Read on to find out…

Audiophile Column No 22

Let's speak about interesting audio gadgets from 2010 …

Audiophile Column No 19

I will start with two recent letters...

Rambler's Top100

Reviews of MP3-players and multi-purpose devices


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Monster Cable

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Comparison of sound reproduction systems of Cowon S9 Curve and Apple iPhone 4 [27/02/11] Audiophile Column No 24. BlackBerry and music [01/02/11] Audiophile Column No 22. End of the year results [10/01/11] Audiophile Column No 19. Balance between the quality of music tracks and audio section [06/12/10] Apple iPhone 4, Nokia N8, Samsung S8500 Wave: The comparison of audio sections [01/12/10] Audiophile Column No 15. Hotchpotch [09/11/10] Audiophile Column No 14. Questions and Answers [31/10/10] Audiophile Column No 13. Standardization of Players and PortalPlayer [28/10/10] Review of Klipsch Custom-2 headphones [27/10/10] Audiophile Column No 12. Notes of a Young Podcaster [26/10/10] Audiophile Column No 11. The Principle of Reasonable Sufficiency [19/10/10] Audio Column No 10. Burn in of Audio Components [01/10/10] Audiophile Column No 9. Question Time [23/09/10] Audiophile Column No 8. How to Spend Less with eBay. Postal Services and Customs [19/09/10] Audiophile Column No 7. Quality Sound [08/09/10] Audiophile Column No 6. Sound Quality Parameters [01/09/10] Audiophile Column No 5. Why Headphones are Better than Speakers? Part 2 [27/08/10] Audiophile Column No 4. Why Headphones are Better than Speakers? Part 1 [23/08/10] Audiophile Column No 3. Interconnect cables. Digital link [19/08/10] Audiophile Column No 2. Marketing Tricks of the Leading Brands [15/08/10] Audiophile Column No 1. Warm Lamp Sound [10/08/10] Nokia comes to music [17/01/08] New arrivals from Samsung – first peek [19/10/07] Comparative review of МР3-players: Sony E010 and Samsung U3 [12/10/07] MP3-players – global markets. Substitute devices [13/10/06] MP3-players – Global markets [20/10/06] Back to the list of manufacturers >>>


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[ 31-07 13:34 ]Video: Nokia Designer Interviews

[ 31-07 13:10 ]RIM To Layoff 3,000 More Employees

[ 30-07 20:59 ]Video: iPhone 5 Housing Shown Off

[ 30-07 19:12 ]Android Fortunes Decline In U.S.

[ 25-07 16:18 ]Why Apple Is Suing Samsung?

[ 25-07 15:53 ]A Few Choice Quotes About Apple ... By Samsung

[ 23-07 20:25 ]Russian iOS Hacker Calls It A Day

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[ 19-07 19:10 ]Another Loss For Nokia: $1 Billion Down In Q2

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[ 18-07 14:20 ]What The iPad Could Have Looked Like ...

[ 18-07 13:25 ]App Store Hack Is Still Going Strong Despite Apple's Best Efforts

[ 13-07 12:34 ]Infographic: The (Hypothetical) Sale Of RIM

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[ 12-07 19:50 ]iPhone 5 Images Leak Again

[ 12-07 17:51 ]Android Takes 50%+ Of U.S. And Europe

[ 11-07 16:02 ]Apple Involved In 60% Of Patent Suits

[ 11-07 13:14 ]Video: Kindle Fire Gets A Jelly Bean


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