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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Phones at IFA'2003

First part. History of the exhibition, cars and even planes

There were no many expositions dedicated only to mobile phones at the exhibition. But Samsung assigned a part of big pavilion for mobile phones, so everyone could test new models. Some announced models were shown: Samsung E700, X100, X600. Samsung E100 was shown for the first time on IFA, it is low end clamshell. All devices are constructed on 1 platform, its specifications are impressive. So, the phones have big phonebooks (1000 names in inexpensive models and up to 2000 in the expensive ones), memory for storing 200 SMS messages, 9Mb of dynamic memory for MMS messages, pictures, melodies and 600Kb for Java. The Wap-browser version changed to 2. The screens of these models display 65K colors, but they differ in matrix type (STN in cheap models, TFT in the advanced ones). All models have 40-poly ringtone and sound good.

So, it results that all models are very similar to each other (technically), but differ in positioning, design, and as a rule in some insignificant features. So, Samsung X100 is related to mid level devices, it is above C100. The difference is in absence of IrDA, but X100 has better screen, greater memory size and MMS support. The release date of this model is planned on October, the price is (approx.) 175-195$.

Samsung X600 is an exact copy of X100, but it has IrDA, built-in camera with VGA resolution. The raisin of the camera is in flash and it moves out from the case like headlights of some sport cars. But you have to open the camera manually, theres no automatic mechanism in the device. The edging around cameras lens is made of plastic, which makes an impression of small precious mounting. In fact, you can enable backlight when the illumination is not enough, then the shooting process becomes easier. But it is mostly backlight, but no flash, which works once. The second use of this function is flash-light. It is evident. The device will be released by November, its price, probably, will make about 240-260$.

Samsung E100 is related to low end clamshells and it is successor of S500. E100 has IrDA and other characteristic features of new models, external screen is monochrome with backlight. Per se E100 is X600, but without camera and it has clamshell form factor. Internal screen is greater by resolution 128x160 (X600 128x128). The deliveries of E100 begin in the end of October, the price will make about 260-270$ for the first time.

Top model E700 is the first clamshell with built-in aerial in the market. This device has also digital camera with VGA resolution and external OLED-screen. Internal screen is TFT that makes the picture very pleasant. E700 becomes the leader in the near future and it will remain it till March. The device is very comfort in use, it lays well in hand. You can read the review of this device here.

As at CEBIT, it was possible to test some smartphones from Samsung, but their release on the market is postponed till the next year. This concern to all markets, the explanations is following: Samsung doesnt consider such products mass. You shouldnt be guided by these devices, as probably they will be replaced by other models next year.

Full Sagems model range plus my-X2 was shown at companys exposition. My-X2 is related to initial level. It has color screen (256 colors), rather traditional function set and as it is promised it will be cheap, 100-110$. This device is constructed on my-X5 platform. Its reanimation is caused by forming of new model range, X4 and X6 numbers are reserved for more advanced devices, and X5 is phased out.

There were no new models at Nokias exposition, announced models were shown, and the emphasis was placed on Nokia 3300. Its curious, that this device is already on sale in Russia for several weeks, but it is not available in Germany for today. Smartphone Nokia 6600 looked more interestingly. The device has new screen, which displays 65K colors, the picture looks very clear. This smartphone is based on Symbian, so the differences from previous models (Nokia 3650/7650) are not noticeable by the naked eye. The form factor became better, as the device has no mobile elements, which Nokia 7650 has. The device lays well in the hand, plus its camera has better optic. In the whole, the first impression is pretty positive, if to compare the ergonomics of this device with the Siemens one Nokia wins. SX1 has very difficult data input, you should use only two fingers.

It was possible to watch how works bluetooth-pen from Nokia. Using this pen you can transfer images and hand inscriptions to phone. No wires required. Its evident.

N-Gage game console was presented at individual exposition, its advertising method caused many questions. So, you could seat in special armchair and then play, and the picture was projected on big screen. So the organizers emphasized by themselves that the consoles screen, to put it mildly, is not so convenient for gaming. An attempt to explain this by the necessity of show doesnt stand up to criticism.

By the way, there were no Siemens and Motorola at the exhibition.

New model Philips 530 was shown at companys exposition. The device supports Java (first model with Java support), has BeDJ function. You can mix different melodies using this feature, the emphasis was placed on it. The phone has original appearance and TFT screen (65K colors). You can connect external camera. Philips 530 has also MMS support and 32-poly ringtone. According to representatives of the company, the deliveries will begin in the beginning of October.

Preview Philips 530

LG. The most interest caused LG G7050. Its screen is hided by shifting panel, keys are located on it. Its possible to dial number without opening the device, but you should move slider or press key to answer. The phone becomes longer when is opened, the microphones places closer to mouth. As you see from the pictures the exhibition sample is intended for T-Mobile, thats why the menu was organized for it. Menu of usual devices will differ in icons. It is necessary to say, that the device is very similar by functionality to LG G7100, it has even similar built-in camera. The difference is in form factor, LG hopes to draw attention due to form factor.

The interest of the visitors was concentrated on LG U8150, this model will be in stock only next year. The phone has maximal functionality, it can record movies, and it has almost everything. But it is strangely enough that the device has no bluetooth, expansion slot for memory cards, that outstands the device among other 3G devices.

Phones from Panda were presented among Asian manufacturers. One of them reminded Ericsson T66, the other has no such similarity to known models. Both models were plaster casts, there were no real samples at the exposition.

Interesting models were shown at exposition of TCL Communications. They exploited the idea about jewels, incrustation, offered lacquered cases. The influence of female audience is found.

Well tell about phones from Sanyo, Sharp and about other interesting novelties. To be continued

First part. History of the exhibition, cars and even planes>>>

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas Von Horn(andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published — 04 September 2003

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