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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Phone and accessory by Sony Ericsson premiere - middle class

Sony Ericsson has headed for widening its model line, and first, that concerns mass devices oriented on middle-price segment. The company doesn't plan to announce another top model against a background of the just started sales of the Sony Ericsson K750. We may expect it only in autumn, and the announcement falls on September. Seizing an opportunity I'd like to share one of the informal names given to the Sony Ericsson K750i in Germany. There it was called SS Jager that stands for "Siemens Samsung Destroyer". For the moment the device de-fact repeated the Sony Ericsson T610's success, and is the most discussed model for today. The next company device is this form-factor will be launched only in the end of 2006. The model not just has the name but is already in the stage of creating prototypes. Some of you may find my opinion preconceived (but what can I do if the products are really interesting), but this Christmas we will discuss the device much. Let's call it U2 for simplicity sake, just like submarines that unexpectedly strike a blow at above-water targets thus getting advantage in water. That is the very effect the U2 will reach, and other manufacturers will have to put much efforts to compete with it. But that is the future matter, and now about the current announcements.

Widening its model line by announcing several versions of the same model is normal for Sony Ericsson. Lately Vodafone has gained the V600 that we know as the Sony Ericsson K600. The difference is in the body colour and the menu changed for Vodafone's demand. Today the company announces the K608 that will be offered by Hutchinson 3G. The model will be available in 3Q for the price defined by the operator.

Official press-release of Sony Ericsson K608

Specification Ericsson K608

The Sony Ericsson J210 represents the low-end segment. That is a renewed J200 different in another body colours, MMS support, and 65K (STN). I'll remind the J200 gives way to the rivals due to its screen (4096 colours) of the previous generation. The J210 is to be launched in August, and the price will approximately form 100 USD. Considering the excessive offer of similar products with high functionality (Siemens C65, Motorola C380/C390, Samsung C210) on the market the success of the J210 seems doubtful. The best way out for the company is to cancel the whole T-line, particularly, the T290 and replace this model with the J210. And only then competition with other manufacturers is possible. For various reasons that will be possible only in the end of 4Q, the company is late with launching low-end models again. Considering its sales of top and previous season models, the company is incapable of creating a cheap device comparable with the rivals. And that is the main task for Sony Ericsson for the current year.

Official press-release Sony Ericsson J210

Specification Sony Ericsson J210

Now let's remember the Zoe that got the index of Z250. That is a youth clamshell replacing the Sony Ericsson Z500 that hasn't appeared still. The start price will form 200 USD in September. The model is equipped with two colour screens, and the inner one doesn't distinguish with good characteristics. That is only 56K, TFT, and the resolution of 128x160 pixels. The external screen is 101x80 pixels, 4096. At the same time the device supports 3D games (no special accelerator), there is a VGA-camera. The total memory capacity forms 16 MB, and USB connection is present. The phone book has a special field Presence besides all traditional ones. It is used in the IM service. The youth direction is stressed with the presence of Style-Up panels both on the front and the back sides. One extra panel is included into the kit. A light indicator is placed on the side surface, so a user can set up to 8 colour schemes and assign them to the names in the phone book.

The polyphony is 40-tones being typical for the company last time. The manufacturers tried to make the Z520 the first model supporting 3D SMS, but unfortunately, failed, and we'll see the service in the next model of this class. In general the solution is nice and rather plain. That is a good assortment model replacing the Sony Ericsson Z200. The presence of IrDA and Bluetooth distinguish the device from the rivals.

Official press-release Sony Ericsson Z520

Specification Sony Ericsson Z520

Sony Ericsson Z520. Live pictures

The Sony Ericsson S600 (Ellen) is also a youth device with rather a good set of characteristics for its time. That is the first of the two devices with a new game concept by Sony Ericsson applied. Everybody is acquainted with the devices that allow working in two modes - one for a phone and another one (horizontal) for a camera. Here is manufacturers advanced even further and added game functionality, there are buttons acting as A and B like in game consoles. And especially for game lovers 3D-game support is provided, smooth view is secured by 3D accelerator.

Similar to the S700 this model uses Jack Knife mechanism, which is a variant of the Rotator form-factor (opening in horizontal line). The mechanism is attractive as a fashion solution, but there is no automatic movement finish, though this small device is easy to open. The second youth feature of the device is Style-Up panels that allow changing the appearance of the model is no time. One vivid and one monochrome panel are traditionally included into the kit.

The screen is 262 K, TFT, with the resolution of 176x220, 1.8". That is the first model by the company equipped with two stereo loudspeakers and supporting a MegaBass function getting standard for all the models. Ask me if the device has an mp3 player, and I'll answer "yes, it does". But the fact is a memory card slot is absent in order not to compete with the K750 and another musical model Ophira. Totally there is 64 MB of internal memory. Though mp3 is fully supported, the situation resembles the one with the Sony Ericsson K700. Pleasant trifles are bluetooth, 1.3, a megapixel camera, 40-tones polyphonic alert. That is curious the device was to provide a VGA-camera, but a 72-tones signal. Such changes of functionality, Connection to PC is provided via USB 2.0. Content-providers are to know the Ellen fully supports OMA DRM Phase 1. Also there is IrDA, FM-radio. One of the present games is a popular and very interesting Worms.

The sales of the Sony Ericsson S600 will start in the autumn, approximately, in the middle of October. The start price will form 300-330 USD and then quickly fall to 250 USD. Now there are no rivals, sine other models either have higher functionality but a traditional form-factor or loose to the S600 in both parameters.

Official press-release Sony Ericsson S600

Specification Sony Ericsson S600

Sony Ericsson S600. Live pictures

Let's pass to the discussion of the accessories. Sony Ericsson is known as a pioneer in manufacturing Bluetooth devices and they try to keep this name. A new headset HBH-610 supports bluetooth version 2.0, has automatic volume control depending on conditions and a noise suppressing system. The headset is built on a separate special DSP-processor responsible for these functions. According to the manufacturer, its battery life forms 6.5 hours in the talk mode and up to 13 days in the standby mode. The sales are to start in August for the price of 120 USD.

A wire headset HPS-60 has interchangeable Style-Up panels and fits all the models equipped with a new fast port connector. The headset will be available since July.

The colour of the car loudspeaker kit HCB-700 may be chosen to match the dash-board. This kit has an automatic number recognition that allows dialing a number without recording bookmarks on any phone besides all standard functions. The kit will come to sale in the end of September, now the price equals 350 USD.

Official press-release about accessories

Official press-release GC99

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published - 13 June 2005

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