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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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3GSM Congress products by Samsung

Samsung traditionally shows the maximum of its models at the exhibition and that does not mean all of them will appear in the shops. Representing the models that will surely reach the customer is a positive tendency. CDMA phones look quite exotic for the European market and they are to demonstrate the companys possibilities exclusively. GSM versions of such models will appear later. Smartphones have the minimum chance for launching since the company considers the smartphone market uninteresting. The demonstrated models are to show Samsung can produce such products but expect them widely sold is wrong. Just remember the company has been showing smartphones for several years and none of them reached the market. You should not take i700 into account since the model is sold now but is morally outdated for several years. Nevertheless Samsung product line looks impressing and the company did much in the past year.

GSM products

The company refused producing low-end models that will cost less than 100 USD in the retail networks at the moment of appearance. On the other hand Samsung increases the functionality of its cheap phones and tries to add a new quality to them. Samsung X140 equipped with an integrated FM-tuner is the first experience. The X index indicates its youth-oriented positioning. In hardware the device is a complete copy of Samsung C200 with only a radio added and the design changed.

Review Samsung X140

Specifications Samsung X140

In a slider segment the company shows Samsung E630 having already appeared in the market. As you remember that is a fashion solution going under Samsung E800/E820. On some markets the popularity of the device is so great that the price is as high as of E820 or even higher.

Review Samsung E630

Specifications Samsung E630

The next step by the company is Samsung E350 that is another cheap solution based on E630. The design is a real copy of Samsung E800/E820. The model is a trial band (900/1800/1900) equipped with a VGA-camera recording video in mpeg4. Its 65K screen has the resolution of 128x160 pixels. A Voice Clarity technology that is getting customary for Samsung phones is used in the device. The model weights 75 grams and has the dimensions of 87x45x21 mm. The main difference from the previous models is a support for Push to Talk. The device may be expected in the and of April or in the beginning of May with the price of 260-275 USD.

Specifications Samsung E350

The last of the represented models in the E-series is E330. Lets remind that is a clamshell with a standard set of functions and resembling Samsung E630 with cut possibilities in some kind. Its successor is E340 equipped with a rotational camera on the external surface but not on the fold or top of the phone. That looks unordinary but allows closing the camera in the standby mode that prevents the objective from dust. The characteristics are traditional trial band, a VGA-camera recording video in mpeg4, 40-tones polyphony, and support for mp3 as a call melody, Voice Clarity. The external screen is white and black with the resolution of 96x64 pixels; the internal one shows up to 65000 colours and has the resolution of 128x160 pixels. The phone has the dimensions of 86x45x24 mm and weights 78 grams. It will obviously appear in March with the price of about 260 USD.

Specifications Samsung E330

Model X640 is one else successor for the clamshell line. That is an exclusively fashion variation on the theme of the represented models, it has no new possibilities and the device is typical for the company. The design will surely satisfy those loving round forms. The model is cheap and may become mass that is stressed by using UFB-display but not TFT. The same screen is integrated into X460, X480. The polyphony is 40-tones.

Specifications Samsung X640

Model X480 comes to replace a low-end model X460. The difference is in design and a list of text emotion icons appeared in the message section. The models are similar and the reason of X480 launch is keeping high sales and attracting users with a new design.


Review Samsung X480 that you will read soon>>>

Specifications Samsung X480

Two other clamshells providing a user with really new possibilities are the most interesting. They are 720, 730. The difference is that the eldest device supports FM-radio. The design is similar to Samsung E700/E710 and is attractive to many. Samsung D500 hardware is partly used but its possibilities are cut a bit. For instance, the device has no IrDA but Bluetooth is still provided. Memory for melodies and photos forms 90 MB; there is an mp3 player and a possibility to set an mp3 melody as a call signal. The camera worsened both in the resolution and picture quality also as compared with D500. At the same time the phone records video much better than D500. That is right everything at the same time is impossible to find in a single phone. The models will be released in April and cost 420-450 USD correspondingly.

Review Samsung E720 that you will read soon>>>

Specifications Samsung E720

Specifications Samsung E730

So, GSM product line is finished here lets tell about other models in short.

UMTS phones

The company has been paying more and more attention to the 3G terminals market since 2005 and thus it wants to fix its positions on it and demonstrate competitive solutions. Samsung Z130 is the first such model. The review about it may be read here on our site as well as our discussions about the companys attempt to advance in the UMTS-terminals field.

Review Samsung Z130

Specifications Samsung Z130

Samsung Z110 was represented a year before and is shipped to very few markets, mainly to Germany. We wont speak about it for long since the review on it will appear in the nearest future.

Model Z300 based on E720 but having a TransFlash connector (and that means the same will soon appear in the GSM version) continues the line. The presence of a 3D hardware accelerator, a support for two 262K TFT screens (both having the resolution of 176x220 pixels) are rather unordinary characteristics. Finally, the model is equipped with two loudspeakers that provide stereo sound.

Specifications Samsung Z300

Model Z500 with a code-name Galant is of great interest. It differs from Z300 in an external OLED (65K) screen and positioning. The models have much in common and have comparable functionality thus this division is more a marketing move.

Specifications Samsung Z500


As usual, the company represents its solutions run by various operating systems. Model i270 has Windows Mobile 2003 SE installed. The device is equipped by 32 MB of RAM, miniSD expansion connector, IrDA, Bluetooth. It also has a 1-megapixel camera integrated, 64-tones polyphony, two screens showing 65K (TFT). The dimensions are 94x50x26 mm, weight 26 grams.

Samsung D720 run by Symbian is designed as a slider. The characteristics are similar to the same in i270. Though the screen is different showing up to 262K colours and also there are two loudspeakers for stereo sound. That is a typical smartphone run by Symbian.

Specifications Samsung D720

And in the end Id like to say the most interesting model for the home market is SCH-S250 equipped with a megapixel camera and some other innovations. You can have a look at photo samples in our review and its functions and characteristics will be provided in a separate material.

Photos from the exhibition may be viewed here following a link in the nearest future. Stay with us.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published — 14 February 2005

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