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Thursday 04 November 2010

Rumour: Gingerbread To Debut 11th November?    [ 04-11-2010 19:11 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: IntoMobile     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

IntoMobile are saying that they've had a hot tip that Gingerbread, the next incarnation of Android and widely believed to be Android 2.3, will be launched in under a week's time on 11th November. IntoMobile's source claims that the SDK will go live on that date and it would come just three days after Samsung's 8th November event in New York, which many believe to be an announcement of a Gingerbread powered device.

Of course this tip comes on the heels of the Gingerbread man appearing at the Googleplex, a foreshadowing of the launch of the OS itself, and then we had the UI enhancements seen in the latest version of Google Maps, which are described by some as being an early introduction to the look of Gingerbread itself.

It's as good a rumour as any and it does have a lot of circumstantial evidence to back it up, but it is still just a rumour. We'll know fo sure in six days time ...

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What Does Your Phones Say About You?    [ 04-11-2010 17:27 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: TechCrunch     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

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Video: SNES Controller Hack, Works With Dell Streak    [ 04-11-2010 12:19 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: Android Community     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

We always appreciate a cool hack and what better way to enhance the gaming experience on your Dell Streak than to hitch it up to a SNES controller? One enterprising geek going by the handle 0TheRain0 did just that, drafting in a tiny USB microcontroller board and a spare Streak connector to get the thing working and work it did! The Streak recognises the controller as a keyboard and when the SNES emulator is fired up on the device it apparently works just dandy O!

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ComScore U.S. Smartphone Figures: Android Grows, Apple Stagnates, Everyone Else Falls    [ 04-11-2010 12:15 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: ComScore     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

ComScore have released their figures for the smartphone world, giving us another glimpse into how the various players have been doing over the past quarter. A small caveat before looking at the figures, these numbers are for the U.S. market, not the overall global market, but they do still give us an insight into how each platform is trending.

Once again the biggest success story is undoutedly Android, which saw growth of 44% during the July-September period and ended with a market share of 21.4%, up a very healthy 6.5% over the previous quarter. That growth came at the expense of just about everyone else, Microsoft, Palm and RIM all saw their marketshare fall whilst the best Apple could manage was to keep their's constant.

Apple's marketshare remained at 24.3%, the same as during the preceeding quarter, but that is actually an improvement because in that preceeding quarter Apple's marketshare had been falling so it looks like the iPhone 4 has managed to shore up its base so to speak.

Of course the numbers we see here for Microsoft are not inclusive of Windows Phone 7, which hasn't yet had a chance to make a big impact upon the market and Palm is also releasing the Pre 2, although it's doubtful how much of an impact that will have.

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Defective Apple Display? You Might Be Worse Of With A Replacement    [ 04-11-2010 11:36 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: BGR     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

It's always interesting to gain an insight into a company's internal policies and none more so than Apple. BGR posted up a rather interesting screenshot of Apple's internal policy sheet regarding bad pixels in their displays (or pixel anomalies as Apple likes to call them).

If you've ever experienced dead pixels on a device it can be very frustrating, a blemish in an otherwise great vista and to be fair to Apple they do produce some pretty nice displays, whether it's their iPhone 4 or their 23 inch Apple Cinema Display jobs. Looking at the chart an iPhone only has to have 1 bad pixel, sorry pixel anomaly, to warrant a replacement. Moving on up to that 23 inch Cinema Display you will be looking at having 16 or more bad pixels before Apple will switch it for a new one. Even if you did get a replacement though it's worth taking note of the following section:

"... the replacement product may have even more anomalies yet still be within specifications, and that Apple will not replace the product again if the number of anomalies in the replacement product is within specifications."

In other words if you get an Apple product with bad pixels it's not a given you are going to have the matter resolved to your satisfaction.

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Nokia Scores Early Victory In Apple Patent Dispute    [ 04-11-2010 11:16 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: Bloomberg     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Apple and Nokia's game of 'I Sue You, You Sue Me' isn't anywhere near over yet, the court cases and legal mumbo jumbo will be playing out for a while yet, but Nokia has managed to score an early victory. The legal wrangling all centres around intellectual property and who has violated who's patents and in that regard it seems that the U.S. International Trade Commission has come out in favour of Finland's finest.

The USITC have said that, with regards to Apple's claims that Nokia has violated its patents, "... the evidence will not establish a violation ...". In other words they don't think Nokia have done anything wrong. That's all very well and good, but the judge presiding over the matter isn't bound to agree with the USITC, but even so Nokia will no doubt be pleased that they've managed to score some points before the judge rules in February.

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