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Friday 21 January 2011

Moto XOOM Likely To Have 'Premium' Price Tag    [ 21-01-2011 19:49 ]

Author: Ivanov Konstantin   Source: TechRadar     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

The Moto XOOM tablet is increasingly looking like it will have a hefty price tag when it launches, probably somewhere in the £700 region (approx 825 euros).

Online retailers are already offerring pre-orders for the XOOM at prices above £700 and Andrew Moreley, Moto's vice-president for International Marketing wasn't doing anything to suggest that such prices will be anything but normal for the XOOM:

While we haven't announced the price, the Motorola Xoom is clearly a premium device with premium pieces inside. This will show in the cost too - however, at the price level [it will be launched at] we believe it will be successful.

It's that last part of the quote that raises some questions because the tablet market is becoming increasingly crowded. The Samsung Galaxy Tab launched with a fairly high price, but given that the market was composed of pretty much just it and the iPad it could get away with that. With manufacturers all jumping on the tablet bandwagon price is going to be an increasingly important consideration.

The LG Optimus Pad is thought to have a lower price than the XOOM, for example, even though the specs are similar.
Moto might find that it has to cut its profit margins on the device somewhat if it expects its premium product to be a premium success.

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Tegra 3 Quad-Core To Be Unveiled At MWC?    [ 21-01-2011 19:30 ]

Author: Ivanov Konstantin   Source: Hexus.Channel     Translation by: mweb6161    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

One of the big changes in smartphones this year will be improved chipsets with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 having already grabbed many a headline. Some of the hottest devices going out this year will be packing Tegar 2 dual-core chips. So what's next?

Well the rumour mill has thrown up the possibility of NVIDIA introducing the Tegra 3 quad-core at MWC next month. The rumour is based off a comment made by Mike Rayfield, the general manager for Tegra:

I'm going to come pretty close to my cadence of a launch every year. It will be in production around the same time as my competitors' first dual-cores will.

The Tegra 2 was launched way back in January last year so an MWC announcement this year is pretty much on the nose for a year later. Of course this is just speculation based on a single quote so treat with the usual skepticism for now.

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Moto Apologises For Rude Comment, Hints At More Open Bootloader Policy    [ 21-01-2011 19:03 ]

Author: Ivanov Konstantin   Source: Phandroid     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Locking bootloaders on its upcoming Android smartphones has been a bit of a hot topic for Motorola with many customers wondering what's going on and not entirely pleased at the prospect of locked down handsets.

One customer who expressed his views on YoUTube was given a quick rebuke by a Motorola employee:

if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks.

Now apart from the rather rude tone of the message the actual message itself is not what Android fans want to hear. After all Android has played upon the fact that it's an open system that encourages people to use it in interesting ways.
Well that seems to have been understood by someone with some sense at Motorola because Moto's official Facebook page was quickly updated with a message apologising for the first message:

We apologize for the feedback we provided regarding our bootloader policy. The response does not reflect the views of Motorola.

We are working closely with our partners to offer a bootloader solution that will enable developers to use our devices as a development platform while still protecting our users’ interests. More detailed information will follow as we get closer to availability.

An apology is great of course, but Moto's official response still doesn't tell us very much, being swaddled in corporate double speak as it is. On the one hand it does seem to recognise that many an Android user wants to play around with things, but on the other hand it's still hinting at some sort of lockdown. Hopefully Moto errs on the side of the former and not the latter.

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Live Image Of Next Gen Curve    [ 21-01-2011 18:49 ]

Author: Ivanov Konstantin   Source: UnwiredView     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

The recent leak of the next generation Blackberry Curve, codenamed Apollo at the time, was accompanied with a rendered picture of the device. Well now we can see the actual handset and start calling it by its proper codename, which is apparently 'Sedona'.

With no official model number yet we'll just have to refer to the handset as Sedona or alternatively by its internal code of R010. The device is running Blackberry OS 6.1 with 512 MB of RAM to power it along. There's also an 800 MHz processor, WiFi and HSPA support, a 5 MP camera and some NFC thrown in for good measure.

If you're wondering where the 'Apollo' name came from it was apparently for a Curve that didn't see the light of day.

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Spotify Inks Sony Deal    [ 21-01-2011 18:26 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: MediaMemo     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Just the other day we reported that Spotify was close to signing a deal with Sony Music in America and today we can report the deal is done.

Even though it's just a single label it is still a very important milestone for Spotify in the U.S., which is the world's most lucrative music market. The other labels are still going to have to get onboard of course, but it seems that the terms of the deal with Sony are similar to those thrashed out with the European labels.

So far the American labels have been very reluctant to take on Spotify's ad supported free service, perhaps out of fear that traditional music sales will crumble or perhaps even because they don't want to upset Apple too much, which is America's biggst music retailer

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