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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review of GSM-handset Nokia 6060

Standard kit:

  • Handset
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Users guide

Nokia 6060 handset is just another a reasonably priced clamshell. Sleek and alive this is what the slogan implies, and owing to chrome plates the device indeed has distinctive looks, a fashion model in a budget line-up so to speak. But that works only at a range, as the handset appears more luxurious than it is in reality.

In terms of design, 6060 is alike 6101, manufactured by Nokia too since it features the same slightly curved edges and an external antenna, which is an essential part of the handset. Medium dimensions of 85x44x24 mm, are filled with 91,7 grams of weight. The device fairly fits in palm, with capability of opening it single handedly due to a small hollow along the entire casing. Considering its measurements, the handset cannot be carried in a shirts pocket, though will perfectly settle in jeans.

The casing is made of plastic the cover is mostly glossy, but the front and the rear of the handset have metal-like framings, because of them the device looks more magnificent, though this feeling momentarily fades away once youve taken the device in your hands, as the quality of materials used makes itself felt. As to other details on the appearance, the handsets surface is easily soiled; all details are well-adjusted to each other with no gaps remaining.

The front plate, besides the common large Nokia label, holds quite wide opening with a red indicator incorporated into to tell the truth this detail leaves a strong impression that it has been adopted from some other device, since it doesnt blend with the general outlook.

Dont get too excited about finding control elements on the side panels, as they lack any of them. The loudspeaker for reproducing interlocutors voice is positioned towards the upper end of the handset, while at the bottom one will find the charger connector, headset jack and a fastening for a strap.

Having flipped open the device, you will discover a medium-sized TFT display, featuring a resolution of 128x160 pixels (2836 mm), capable of displaying up to 65 K colors. The screen provides decent picture quality with no big surprises made in this field. As soon as the backlight has dimmed down, the display switches to showing digital watch, though its not entirely plain whats the main purpose of this, since you could count the times, when you leave the device open for this long, on the fingers of one hand.

The interior of the handset also possess parts with metal-like covering these are the displays edging, the loudspeaker, and certainly the keypads design. Noteworthy, that this appearance nicely fits the overall devices outlook.

The material, used for making the keypad is plastic. The navigation set includes a massive four-way key and the OK key put in. Two soft keys and hang/pick up keys are combine into one set, allocated along the perimeter of the navi-key. This arrangement doesnt affect experience the buttons are big enough to make sure you wont miss or perform error presses.

The numeric keys are closed up and small in size, all of them are located in horizontal lines with silvery edging. On the whole, working with the keypad doesnt give rise to any negative feeling; however those possessing big fingers are more likely to experience certain nuisances with typing a phone number/message. The white backlight is uniformly distributed over the surface.

The battery lid occupies almost the entire rear face, however its fastening it not too reliable, as one will spot an obvious gap, even though its not so crucial in the beginning, it may become worse in course of usage. Now as to what the lid covers behind it a Li-Ion battery is located, whichs capacity equals 760 mAh, considering the manufacturers statement, it guarantees 260 hours of life time in standby mode and up to 2.5 hours of talk time. In conditions of Moscow networks, the charge lasted for about 4 days on average with 15 minutes telephone conversations per day and up to 15 minutes of the other functions use. . Full recharge time of the device is around 2 hours.


The main menu appears as vertical lists with proper thumbnails next the corresponding items. The first sub-menu level possesses the same outlook, while the second is made in the form of text-only vertical menus. The handset offers fast number navigations, and what is more, the user is capable of making up an own active-menu, where he can add any desired applications and functions to. Access to the active-menu when at the standby is assigned to the left soft key. Apart from that the user can bind up fast access to certain menu items from standby with navigation key declinations and the right soft key (on default it is tied up with the phonebook). Though this isnt the end of settings list voice commands are at your disposal as well.

The localization is carried out on a fair level one can hardly find any abbreviations throughout the menus. The device also offers predicative T9 Text input mode for both Russian and English languages.

The device has only 3 Mb of dynamic memory embedded in.

Phonebook. The handsets memory is capable of storing up to 500 contacts, but in fact this number will eventually come down if you decide to fill in all the available fields. Each entry may store up to 5 telephone numbers, adjustable by type (mobile, work, home, fax). Apart from this, you are at liberty to input information to 5 additional fields, which are the following ones: e-mail address, regular mail address, WEB or just any text note that might come into your mind. Each contact may be also assigned to any image.

An entry may be place to one of the manually user-created groups, which settings like a unique ringtone, group name, and group image. Also there is speed dialing function provided for up to 8 numbers.

The search in the phonebook is conducted by the first letters of a contact. Worth mentioning, that all the displayed entries are taken both from the handsets memory and the SIM-card, though you can check the option to show contacts stored only on one particular source.

Photo ID hasnt charged at all it coincides with the similar functions incorporated in all other devices by the company: a photo/image occupies nearly 1/3 of the display.

Messages. The device has a support for Nokia Smart Messaging and that allows sending and receiving melodies and plain black and white pictures from compatible devices. Phones by Samsung, LG and some new devices by Motorola support the standard besides Nokia. Up to 10 graphical templates are preset for such messages. Unfortunately the company standard limits the users because an alternative EMS standard is spread wider today and allows not only send and receive melodies and pictures but also format texts. Besides there is a set of 17 smiles and 11 text templates. Flash message that you can also create will only appear on the receiver's screen and won't save in the phone memory or SIM. Also you can use a chat function, then all the messages are shown on the one screen.

MMS editor is plain and clear. You can create several slides. Maximal size of outgoing MMS cannot exceed 300kb.

The device has an integrated mail client working with POP3/SMTP protocols. The possibilities of the client are very poor, it doesn't support attachments, and the device "understands" only one Russian coding. With no alternative program available, you can use this one though.

Call lists. There is a list of 20 incoming, missed and outgoing calls. Similar numbers are united and time of call is specified near them.

Also here are the numbers you sent messages to. Time and data counters are here.

Settings. Totally each of the 6 present profiles can be edited.

Themes. Three themes are preinstalled in the phone. They allow changing the phone appearance with a colour scheme and wall-papers. Besides, you can download extra themes from the company site.

Call signals can be selected from usual, increasing, once, short or silent. A call melody can be set from here and vibra can be turned off. The Vibracall can act simultaneously with a melody.

Display. For both internal and external screens you can select a picture as a wall-paper, a headband and a colour scheme.

Other phone settings are available here.

Gallery. This is a plain file manager, files are distributed into folders. You can add your own folders.

Organizer. One alarm clock is available; it can act daily and on selected days as well. You can select a signal for it and set a recurrence period.

Calendar. You can view it both monthly and weekly with a division into hours. Besides, all the events can be listed. Select a type (meeting, call, birthday, note, and reminder), assign a theme (up to 160 characters), place (about 50 characters), date and time for start and end. A call signal can be chosen and time for a preliminary reminder.

Tasks. You can enter a theme (about 160 characters), set priority (high, medium, low), set date and time, and turn a signal on with an opportunity of specifying the time for a preliminary reminder.

Notes. Plain text notes are possible to create from here. The max number of characters should not exceed 3000.


Here is a plain calculator, a stopwatch with intermediate values and a countdown timer.

Applications. Four games are stored here: Canal Control (logical), Galaxy Balls (tetris-clone), Mikis World (arcade) Solitaire (famous card game).

In the Collection folder you will find Converter II (unit converter) and Expense Manager (controlling your finances).

Besides, you can install own Java applications both via WAP. The size of the installed Java application can't exceed 125 KB.

Internet. Here is a WAP browser version 2.0.


The device provides normal connection quality causing no problems. Almost in any case you'll find the loudspeaker volume and microphone sensitivity enough. The 40-tones polyphony sounds well, MP3 files can serve as call melodies. Speakerphone is present; it can be turned on pressing the right functional key during a conversation. The realization is average, the volume is enough not always.

Nokia 6060 is a typical budget phone without any noticeable peculiarities. The only thing that can highlight it from competitors is its outlook, this is what the manufacturer counts on. Such phones are mostly bought by young people or parents for their children, these customers care about the outlooks, not the specifications. The average price for this model during the time when this review was written was about 145 USD. There are quite a lot of competitors, thats why you will find yourself a more functional model for this sum of money, although its outlooks might be less remarkable.

Vladimir Fokin (vladimir.fokin@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Alexandr "Lexx" Zavoloka (lexx@frag.su); Oleg Kononosov (oleg.kononosov@mobile-review.com)

Published — 04 April 2006

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