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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Nokia 6108

Standard kit:

  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Spare stylus
  • Spare back panel
  • User's guide
  • Software CD

Nokia 6108, live pictures

On Asian market, Nokia often offers the models, which differ from such ones for Europe. It would seem Nokia 6108 should look like other 6000 series models, but it differs from them radically. Its the first GSM phone (not smartphone) with handwriting input.

The first look at the device doesnt reveal any special features, the appearance is typical for phones from Nokia, only keyboard layout differs a bit. Alphanumerical keyboard is fixed on the flip, which one can open and see sensor input panel. The construction is extremely unusual. The phone doesnt look bulky (98 gr), its a bit thicker than other platform 40 devices (106x406.4x26mm, or 106x46.4x22 with other cover, without stylus).

The thickness is caused by the back panel contained stylus holder; its inserted into the socket. The stylus is made of plastic, it is big and convenient, it has rubber insert, which prevents its sliding in hands. The standard kit includes also second stylus, which one can carry in shirt pocket, as it has special latch. You can also change the back panel, the second panel (included into standard kit) has no stylus holder, the phone becomes more habitual.

The flip has not only protective function, but also serves as usual flip, i.e. in case of incoming call you can open the flip and accept the call. Its one of a few models with flip produced recently. The construction of the device is firm, the flip fixes surely.

The screen of the device has a resolution of 128x128 pixels, it allows displaying up to 5 text lines and text labels for soft-keys. The screen display up to 4096K colors, its a typical screen for Nokia phones. Its impossible to tell something extraordinary about it. Our sample has vertical lines on the screen, in European models such effect is seen extremely rarely. Probably phones assembling is told on the screen, it is pressed too firmly on the printed board.

The navigation key is 4-way, one can browse menu using it. All the keys are made of plastic, alphanumerical keyboard has blue backlight. The designations are well visible in different light conditions. The keyboard is average by comfort, as the keys are too close located to each other and have short motion. It seems like its caused by flip presence, its thickness doesnt allow making keys more comfortable. Overall, the keyboard can be used, it doesnt cause steady seizure.

You can open the flip using only one hand; the sensor panel has grey-blue backlight. The device supports handwriting recognition, it can be English or hieroglyphs. The second variant was impossible to be tested, as I dont know Chinese. The panel has several zones, having chosen one of them and using stylus you change input modes (English, punctuation, numbers etc.) In fact, the input is character-oriented, i.e. you are unable to write words, you should enter characters. You can change speed in menu slow, normal and fast. In my opinion, even the maximal input speed is insufficient. You write a letter and it is recognized during second and a bit. At that, on the screen appears a line of characters, which match the writing youve entered. If the highlighted letter or symbol is incorrect, then you can choose the correct version from the list, having scrolled it.

After a weak it was impossible to learn using such input method with comfort, recognition speed is too slow. Evidently, this fact is explained by low processing power and by nothing else. This device should be taken up as the first signs, as Nokias test of strength in this area. That explains the deliberation of the handwriting input.This model is used to run in new technologies, user perception is examined.

You can see volume key on the left devices side. Infrared port is located on the right side. Theres traditional power button on the top butt-end, speaker outlet is right there.

Charger connector and Pop-port is visible on the bottom butt-end. To remove the back panel you should use stylus. To open the panel is only possible by pressing the latch. Its impossible removing it having pulled it down.

The device is equipped with lithium-ionic battery with capacity of 850 mAh (BL-5C). According to the manufacturer, it is capable to provide up to 4 talk hours and up to 140 standby hours. In reality, the device operated 5 days in case of 45 minutes of talking and up to 20 minutes of using other functions. Time of full re-charging is about 2 hours.

SIM-card holder is similar to such one in Nokia 3100, 6100.


Menus organization is traditional for Nokia phones, so you see icons in main menu, the submenus are organized as lists. The phone supports shortcut number navigation. The device supports English and many other Asian languages. Lets examine all the functions step by step.

Phonebook.The phonebook offers the similar possibilities as Nokia 6610, 6100 and others. You can add up to 3 numbers and 1 text field to each contact. The dynamical memory enables to save up to 5 phone numbers and 4 text fields for each block if you have less than 300 contacts. There are also caller groups here.

You can view the SIM card memory and the phone memory at the same time. You can copy your phone numbers from the SIM card to the phone and vice versa.

Messages. The phone supports concatenated messages (up to 459 characters) and Nokia Smart Messaging. There are 10 pre-default small graphic pictures to decorate a message and templates to speed up text input. You can also use a predictive text input while creating messages. A Chat feature is available.

The phone allows to send and receive MMS messages.

Up to 150 short messages and 50 graphic messages can be stored in the phone memory. Remaining free space is used to keep MMS messages, Java programs, sounds, ringing tones and graphics

The device has built-in e-mail client (POP/SMTP), its written on Java and it is similar to such one in Nokia 6800. This function has no problems.

Call lists. Lists of received, dialed and missed calls with a possibility to view date and time. Each list contains up to last 20 phone numbers. There are also cost and duration counters here.

Profiles. Nothing extraordinary. Usual possibilities to personalize your phone. All the settings can be activated till the specific time.

Settins. I can notify settings for wallpapers (one of the graphic files). Also a user can set a colour scheme of the menu (several schemes are available).Shortcut menu, which is appointed to the right soft-key, is also adjustable

For the first time, in phone from Nokia is available free memory viewer, memorys allocation is displayed for all functions, including phonebook, messages. Other models display percentage ratio of used memory, thats less convenient.

Alarm.The alarm can be found in the main menu. It has no extra settings, only single operation. This function is realized poorly.

Gallery. All graphic and sound files are kept in this menu. There are also settings for the access to download new files (wap). One can create own folders here.

Organizer. This feature is realized as in the other phone from Nokia, for example in the 6610. You can add from 100 up to 500 notes, it depends on their length. An automatic deletion of the old notes is available (on the basis of time). The calendar has a monthly view and you can quickly find a desired date.

You can set a deadline for event in the to-do list.

Notes allow storing different information up to 3000 symbols length, the device is similar to Nokia 6800 by this parameter.

Dictionary. The phone has built-in Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary. This function will be useful for those, who learn English or Chinese. The dictionary has word search.

Games. The device has several preset games, they could be: Sky Diver, Triple Pop, Bounce. All the games are known by other devices from Nokia.

Applications.This menu contains Java-applications. The standard kit includes Converter II, which allows converting different metric sizes. WorldClock II shows time in different time zones. The last program is a lunar calendar, its typical for Asian phones.

Extra. Everything is standard: calculator, countdown timer and a stopwatch (split, lap time and a possibility to save results). The phone has electronic wallet, which allows storing data about credit cards and different codes locked by password.

Connectivity. GPRS settings and switching on of the IrDa.

Services. WAP browser in version 1.2.1 is hidden here.


The phone has no differences from other platform 40 devices by reception quality and ring tones (4-poly). Everything is up-to-date, the device has no problems. Ring tone volume is a bit higher than other platform 40 devices have, its an advantage.

The price for this model makes about 320$, its interesting for handwriting input, but this function works worse than traditional keyboard input. On the other hand, the device will be liking to those, who prefer flip models. Except these functions the device has nothing unusual, its a typical model for this segment.

SAR information: 0.6 W/kg.

Sample ring tones (mp3, 375Kb)

Eldar Murtazin ([email protected])
Translated by Andreas Von Horn ([email protected])
Published — 13 October 2003

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