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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Motorola Flirting With Windows Phone    [ 10-08-2011 21:50 ]

Author: Serge Novikov   Source: PCMag     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Motorola have stated that they aren't adverse to jumping on the Windows Phone bandwagon. Assuming they can get a good deal from Microsoft of course. Speaking to at the Oppenheimer Technology & Communications Conference Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha  said:

I would have to consider whether defocusing from ndroid to Windows will be the right thing for us to do, but if the capabilities are such that that is the right thing for us, I think we will consider it.

Android has been Motorola's main focus and has helped the company come back from the brink, even if they did recently post a loss. Taking on Windows Phone might prove risky to that strategy, but it could also pay off if Windows Phone starts to take off in a serious way. Motorola had said in the past that it wasn't interested in Windows Mobile 6.5 and that it would prefer to wait for the next iteration from Microsoft. Well that time is now.

Nokia struck a major deal with Microsoft over Windows Phone that saw billions of dollars changing hands and Nokia given more leeway with the platform than other manufacturers. Would Microsoft be prepared to offer Motorola something similar?

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LG Fails To Meet iPad Display Quota, Apple Turns To ... Samsung    [ 10-08-2011 19:57 ]

Author: Irina Turina   Source: DigiTimes     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

DigiTimes are reporting that LG have failed to meet their July target of shipping iPad displays to Apple by 1 million units. Quality issues were the root problem that caused the target to be missed. The backlight units failed Apple's drop tests according to the paper.

This leaves Apple short on displays of course so where will they get them from? The answer is a little surreal ... Samsung. You know the same company that Apple is suing the pants off and attempting to have its its products blocked from sale. Samsung has been providing Apple with 2 million displays per month, twice its average and will provide displays alongside Chimei Innolux, which has been shipping 450,000 a month. A new goal for Chimei Innolux will see the company increase this to 1-1.5 million units.

Even though its displays failed in quality assurance tests LG is expected to keep its position as Apple's main supplier. There is also a rumour that LG is currently working on Retina displays for the next iPad. All in all it's a funny old game the tech business where a company with quality issues is still a large supplier and a company that is the subject of your legal action is providing you with material to sell your own products.

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Windows Phone 'Tango' To Come After Mango?    [ 10-08-2011 19:40 ]

Author: Irina Turina   Source: ZDNet     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Windows Phone is firmly focused on the forthcoming Mango update, which was released to manufacturers just a couple of weeks ago. Of course there is always the question of what comes after a major release and Mango is no exception. So what does come after Mango?

Well ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley has been citing sources who say that the next Windows Phone update will be called 'Tango' and focus on the lower end of the market. This would tie in with Nokia's wish to target the lower end smartphone market, something Windows Phone hasn't done as yet. Supposedly Tango will be aimed at the Asian market "largely or even exclusively". That would seem to suggest that Tango would be intended only for lower end handsets, which raises the prospect of two separate Windows Phone platforms of a sort; a high end option and a low-end option.

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Video: New Nokia Windows Phone Handsets Leaked?    [ 10-08-2011 19:11 ]

Author: Irina Turina   Source: MyNokiaBlog     Translation by: Paul Smith    Send news to friend  Discuss in forum

Mobile phone leaks are a tricky business. When a picture or video does leak there is usually a debate over whether or not it is genuine and that's before we get to the seemingly inevitable blurrycam quality of leaks. This supposed leak fulfills both of those criteria.

On the one hand the video shown within this video does look professional, but some of the footage comes from existing marketing material as well as a Microsoft Labs promotion. That doesn't strike me as being particularly professional. Thus we have three options: i) this is fake ii) this is genuine iii) it's a manufactured leak designed to look fake(ish). I'll leave you to form your own opinion ...

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