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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review SonyEricsson Z600

SonyEricsson Z600, live pictures

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As the phone is based on the same platform as T610, it has the same functions. All changes are very small: the developers added new themes and pictures. All other functions were not changed. Software of Z600 is compatible with such accessory as SE Gameboard a king of gaming joystick. T610 doesnt support it and the main reason could be found in marketing, not hardware of the models. This joystick has a standard system connector, all differences are in software.

Lets quote review of Sony Ericsson T610 to give you a short description of the functions.

Navigation key is used for navigation. It operates without errors. To enter the main menu, press Ok key. If you press navigation key to different sides, youll call such applications as phonebook, SMS messages creation, to-do list and homepage browsing. Besides, if you press a right soft-key you can see a small list of menu items, which are often used, for example activation/deactivation of IrDa and bluetooth.

As usual it is possible to choose one or another menu item by pressing Ok key or left soft key. You can return to the previous menu level or in stand-by mode if press the other key, which is placed under it.

There is a possibility to create a list of shortcut commands in Z600. It will give access to the most frequently used functions.

Each menu item of the main menu and all submenus are numbered, that allows to use quick shortcut number navigation. Lets describe the main menu. The phone has a new menu structure, the main menu is presented by 3 rows and 4 columns of menu icons (totally, 12). They are located not at random. Usually, the most demanded functions are easier to get. At first sight, navigation seems to be difficult, but in fact there are no problems with it. The menu is well thought-out, we think that any user can get used to it during a week. You need only 2-3 steps to make most of operations, even without shortcut number navigation. This phone is ideal for those who are going to use it for a long time. In this case you can really enjoy the phone and the menu.

You can input test in the same way as before. Pressing #-key, youll get a list of available languages and could switch them while taping text.

Phonebook. This phonebook resembles one in Sony Ericsson T68i, T610. The new one doesnt have considerable changes. Several phone numbers, e-mail address and other information can be added to one entry. You can select necessary fields, which will be displayed while filling one entry block. A sorting by fields, like in T68i, is available, for example you can sort entries by name and surname, though there is only one field for text input. Such sorting is important only when you transmit data from PC, its useless for phone records. You can assign a personal ringing tone and picture for each entry.

Totally, you can add up to 49 voice tags to phone numbers in the phonebook. A special voice tags is assigned to each type of phone number (home, mobile, office). So, if you try to dial an office number of John, you say John office. A function Magic Word is also available in the phone, its very pleasant when you use a handsfree device.

Main differences are related to the interface. Now, inputting information youll see special icons in each field. The peculiarity of the phone is that all contacts could be send to another device via IrDa or bluetooth.

Sony Ericsson didnt add a possibility to view phone numbers from SIM-card and phone memories simultaneously. You should enter a menu to view contacts from SIM-card memory. The company didnt add this feature on purpose because of the marketing policy. It is one of the ways to attract users to its products. But its more logical to use phone, not SIM-card capabilities.

Messages. You can choose a special tone for incoming messages among a small list, which consists of 8, not various melodies. Its not obvious why total list of ringing tones is not available in this menu.

All capabilities concerning operations with messages are standard. There are templates and fields to create own ones. Both memories (SIM-card and phone) are used to keep messages. Chat-function also can be used. E-mail client supports enables to send and receive messages; all codes are supported.

MMS-messages are called Picture Messaging now, though all folders have the same names. Its impossible to add more than one image to a message. Functional capabilities were reduced compared with T68i, probably because of the providers pressure. On the one hand, all settings are simple, even a child will be able to send MMS-message.

The last item, which is worth to note is WAP Push. We cant test this feature, as Russian providers (like 99% European providers) dont support this service. Nevertheless, this technology is realized.

Call records. Up to 30 records are contained in the total list (with date and time indication). There is a small icon near each record, which indicates type o call (missed, received, dialed phone number). Besides, you can view if this number is available in SIM-card memory. Its a virtue of this model. A list of missed calls can be also displayed separately, it contains up to 10 records. Cost and time counters are also located here.

Multimedia. Pre-default pictures, which are displayed as small icons, can be found in this menu. You can also view photos taken by camera here.

Apart from pictures, one can view own audio files, including dictaphone records. An access to voice memo function is also hidden in this submenu.

It is possible to select phone themes and download new ones. QuickShare enables to add new links to resources, which connected with melodies, pictures and phone themes. Later you can just click a link and see many files to download.

There is a built-in musical composer in the phone. You can edit 4 separate tracks, selecting existing instruments. An original melody can be created with a help of this application.

A graphical editor is also integrated in this phone. You can draw simple pictures there. As for me, this function is not necessary, though it helps to kill time.

Memory. There are 2Mb memory in the phone. It seems that it is not much, but in reality it is quite sufficient memory pool for most of customers. A user has about 1.5 Mb, which can be shared between data, applications and photos. As the memory is dynamical, you can choose those applications which are the most important for you. Keep in mind that it is a phone, not a computer, which should have a large memory pool. Its even not a smartphone, so, its obvious why the phone doesnt have extension slot for memory cards. By the way, 1 Mb is enough to save information about more than 1000 meetings, 100 of phone numbers and 10 photos of average resolution.

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Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova (maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 5 September 2003

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