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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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The comparative analysis of Nokia 7650 and SonyEricsson P800

These two devices are the first in this class but if Nokia 7650 has already come into the market, but P800 will be launched only in December. So the comparison won't be entirely correct, it's difficult to say about the things that are not existed yet. But we can estimate the weak and the strong points of the device. Here we'll look on the phones from the consumers side and compare the main features.

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Dimensions, weight and autonomy. The phones are quite comparable to each other by these features. P800 weighs 158g against Nokia, which weighs 154g. The form-factor is also similar. P800 has a lithium-polymer battery of 1000 mAh capacity to decrease the weight of the phone, Nokia is equipped by BLB-2 battery of 750 mAh capacity. We saw such type of battery in older models, in Nokia 8210 for instance. In respect to the autonomy, these two handsets resemble to each other too. In case of similar talk time and time of using of additional applications the phones work about 2 days, it's the optimal autonomy without re-charging. So, P800 has the parity with Nokia 7650 in dimensions, form-factor and autonomy.

Screen and text input. Large energy consumption in P800 is caused by technical characters, firstly, because of the screen. It can display up to 4096 colours like Nokia 7650 but P800 has a touchscreen, which allows to input information with a help of on-screen keyboard and to lighten a menu navigation. You can easily scroll the lists by a stylus and select the desired menu items. Only a usual keypad (as in many other handsets) can be used in Nokia 7650 to input the information. As a result it's approximately impossible to input large texts. P800 can be compared in convenience to any PDA, what is really a step forward. So if you are going to make notes in your smartphone, choose P800.

If you don't like on-screen keyboard, you can use a usual one, it is placed on the removable flip cover of the phone.

The screen of the 7650 measures 35x41mm and has a resolution of 176x08 pixels, while P800 measures 40x61mm and has a resolution of 208x320 pixels. As you see the size of the screen in P800 is larger. The information is clearly visible on the displays of both phones in all lighting conditions, no considerable differences.

Vibrating alert and ringing tones. A user has an excellent choice to decide which ringing tone he likes most of all. Both of these phones support the most common formats (in reality, all formats supported by smartphones). But 7650 as well as P800 has problems with the vibrating alert, it is rather weak. In both cases you touch the screen while talking, it gets dirty very quickly, especially 7650 has such a problem. It's possible to use a handsfree mode in P800 but the volume of the loud speaker is very low.

User's interface. Both devices are worked under Symbian OS, so, the interface has much in common. Both are handy, no difficulties while working. Notable, that 7650 has OS in 6.1 version and P800 - in 7.0 version. The last version doesn't give any considerable advantages to the consumer, only few extra features which don't mean much. Of course, if to say about long-term outlook, the 7. version is the winning, but the platform 60 will be also long-life. Hence, here is also the parity.

The main navigation key in the 7650 is 5-directional joystick, P800 has a JogDial. The rate of moving through the menu is rather high in both cases, but P800 has also a stylus-based navigation. Besides, you can work with P800 even when the flip is closed, in this case you have an access to 9 the most often used applications. So, if to say about navigation capabilities, they are definitely in favour of P800.

Standard applications and the memory. To say the truth, none of these devices has unique software, which can be the strong case for this or that model. The devices offer similar features and the comfort of viewing the information (P800 has better text input). The applications occupy almost the same memory space in both handsets, the only differences is that SonyEricsson has 3 times more memory space (12Mb) than 7650 (4Mb). Furthermore, SonyEricsson has an additional memory slot - MemoryStickDuo, which extends greatly the phone's capabilities. Now there are almost no limits of the internal memory volume, data bases and rarely used applications, musical and video files can be kept on the memory cards. The slot is placed on the right-hand side of the phone, it is always available. It is one more advantage of P800.

Bluetooth. Bluetooth can be used only for data transmission in Nokia 7650, you can't switch it to the phone, it's really a shortcoming. One can transmit both data and voice via bluetooth in P800.

Data synchronization. You can do it via IR-port or bluetooth in both models. Also, in the standard kit of P800 cable (RS232) is included. You can create reserve data copies, synchronize notes of organizer, phone book, mail client with the most popular applications from PC. Both devices are quite capable. I forgot to say that both handsets had SyncML support.

WAP. Nokia7650 has WAP-browser in 1.2.1 version, the rival product has version 2.0 It doesn't play any role today, but in future, in a year or year and half it can be crucial.

Camera. Internal cameras of both devices are similar by quality and picture resolution. You could look at the pictures taken by this cameras in reviews of these smartphones.


We tried to describe the main, key differences of two devices in this article. We didn't rise the particular questions connected with the realization of software on purpose, we gave only an estimation of the platforms themselves. Let's sum up everything.

P800 has more features than Nokia 7650, though form-factor and approximate work time are similar. The standard kit of P800 is also better. But the price of the 7650 goes down little by little, while P800 will appear only in December. It's interesting that the price competition will be impossible by that time, 7650 would cost 420-250$, while the price of P800 would be 550-600$. The classical situation emerges, when the new advanced product is more expensive. P800 can be a real rival to the 7650 if the price parity is reached, but it's impossible. Hence, P800 - a potential leader - turns into a usual model, which will have a pressure from Nokia and other manufacturers. After Nokia 3650, which will be launched in February, the other smartphones on the platform 60 will appear, it's also necessary to take Motorola with the model Paragon II and Samsung into account. This segment of the market (Smartphone) is not great and only the most quick and aggressive companies will be successful. SonyEricsson loses Nokia now, though it has the technological advantage. Every day more applications from the third companies appear for 7650, of course, they are created for P800 too, but slowly. On the other hand, the life of P800 will be longer because the phone has a high potential to develop. As you see the decisive point is the market policy of SonyEricsson, one mistake and P800 will become a common model, but if the company comes to decision to decrease the price of the model as much as possible, P800 will be the leader of the market.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova (maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 26 September 2002

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